So, You've Had Your First Kiss—Now What?

Your first kiss is a monumental benchmark in your life.

Of course, we aren't talking about that one smooch you had in kindergarten which was caught on camera and comes paired with a story your mom finds incredibly funny. No.

We're talking about your first grownup kiss that probably sent butterflies soaring through your stomach and chest. The one you've anticipated for years while watching characters have their first kisses in your fave rom-coms.

But on second thought, was your first kiss anything like the movies led you to believe? Scroll below for all of the thoughts that race through your mind after you've had your fist smooch… and some clarifying answers:

Fireworks Are a Totally Overrated Metaphor

So you're probably realizing now that the whole "fireworks" feeling of a first kiss is totally overrated. Sure, you may have experienced a number of other sensations such as jitters, butterflies, weakness at the knees or chapped lips. But you know now that this exploding show in the sky is nothing like your first kiss experience, especially when it comes to the display at the 4th of July.

Betty kiss Jughead's cheek

(Riverdale via The CW)


Was the Kiss Any Good?

Now that you have the whole fireworks thing on lock, you're probably wondering if the kiss was actually any good. But the problem is, you have nothing to compare it to! You're definitely sitting there overthinking every single move, from the lean in to the lip lock to the pull away. Not only are you unsure whether the kiss itself was any good, but if this wasn't the other person's first kiss, you're probably a little self-conscious that you didn't exactly do it right. But a little piece of mind here: No one's first kiss is amazing. The situation itself may be romantic or dreamy, but the moment that two mouths become one is always a little awkward.

Grownish Zoey staring off into space

(Grown-ish via Freeform)


OMG Did My Breath Smell?

Probably not, or at the very least, probably not in a way that was obvious to your kissing partner. In fact, even in the most awkward of kisses, the other person would typically rather have a kiss with a cute (yet slightly awk) girl than not have a kiss at all. Don't sweat these small details, and if they bother you then make a pampering checklist for next time.


Now That I've Had My First Kiss, Do I Need to Have More?

Definitely not. Just because you've met that benchmark doesn't mean that you have to go around smooching till your lips get chapped (believe us, it's a thing). If your first kiss didn't feel like an activity you'd like to continue at this moment in time, there's absolutely nothing wrong with swearing off the lip smack for now. Always wait on these romantic moves until you feel completely ready.


To Tell People or Not to Tell People…

So now that you've had your first kiss, the real question is who to tell?? You've heard it said in movies a number of times: "I don't kiss and tell," but we all know that we want to tell our besties ASAP! Part of you wants to keep the moment private, but the other part of you wants to spill your guts. We say it's always better to start small. So, if you're bursting to tell the news, start with your BFF or maybe even your mom (if you have that kind of relationship), and if you feel like spreading the news after that, then by all means spread the news. Your first kiss is personal, but it's also exciting, so don't feel like it's a secret you need to keep. Plus, by gabbing about the kiss, you're able to get insight from other people about their experiences and gain some perspective.

Grease "Tell Me More" scene

(Grease via Paramount Pictures)


A Peck is Fine, But a French Kiss is Terrifying

Typically first kisses tend to be a short and sweet peck on the lips. Nothing too complicated there. But now that you've had your first, you're high-key nervous about taking your smooching game to the next level in the form of the french kiss (aka making out). We really wish we could point you to a helpful YouTube tutorial like we would with a DIY project or a how-to video. But unfortunately, in the land of kissing, you just have to figure this one out for yourself. Our best advice is to make sure you're "figuring it out" with someone who makes you feel comfortable.


As noted above, most first kisses definitely do not live up to the movie hype. If you still don't believe us, you have to click HERE to find out all of the romantic first kiss expectations and their awkwardly relatable realities.