These 5 Songs Are the Catchiest New Releases This Week

Ready for all the stellar new tunage we're bringing you this New Music Friday?

Of all the songs released this week, these five have captured our ears and have us bopping along to their unique rhythms. Go on and see for yourself by listening to them now:

Girl wearing a red and white striped t-shirt while listening to music on her red headphones

(Photo Credit: Africa Studio via Shutterstock)


1. "Burn It Down" by Fitz and the Tantrums

This pop anthem has us wanting to take the hand of the person next to us and dance until the sun comes up tomorrow.


2. "Hot Blood" by Kaleo

We hope you're ready to meet your new obsession, because here they are. The rock group immediately drew us in with their gritty vocals and they keep us entertained throughout with their head-banging instrumentals in the single off their debut album, A/B.


3. "Bubblegum" by Totem and Aalias

If you're a fan of Nick Jonas, we have a sneaking suspicion you'll enjoy vibing out to this single from Totem and Aalias. The song has a pretty interesting take on past love, seeing as it compares a former flame to bubblegum. We dig it!


4. "Let Me Down" by Lily Elise feat. MADE IN LA

Bluesy and soulful, Lily Elise's "Let Me Down" is reminiscent of a '90s R&B track, but with a hint of more modern electronic beats.


5. "Escape From Love" by Eva Simons and Sidney Samson

You won't be able to escape from the body-rocking back beats in this banger. Try sitting still while listening to it. We dare you.


Don't forget, you can listen to all this songs wherever you go on our playlist:


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