This DIY Kit Lets You Make Your Own Fabulous Custom Neon Signs

Real neon signs are expensive—but this affordable DIY neon effect kit is just as good as the real thing.

The kit lets you create whatever you like, from text to flamingos and unicorns, using just the three included items and a set of wire cutters. I put it to the test to see if I could make something totally fit for Sweety High.


The box itself includes three meters of shaping wire, a meter of fixing wire, and three meters of the flexible glowing neon effect string, with the battery pack and button on the end. To get this thing going, you'll need a couple of AA batteries.

I started the project by bending the shaping wire into the desired shape. The kit came with a handy sheet to help me create my cursive shapes. At the end of the step, the word "Sweety" wasn't completely perfect, but it was good enough.


Next was the tough part! Cutting the fixing wire into four-centimeter lengths, I used them like twist ties all around the line I'd created with the shaping wire to secure the neon flex. Getting the neon bit to stay in place was tough due to the curly design of the shaping wire, but I had only myself to blame for making a complicated figure. At the end of the process, I had just enough fixing wire to spell out "Sweety"—but I suppose some clear tape would also do if you were to run out.


My neon effect sign was complete, so I popped it into a dark room to see the results of my work. Not too shabby. The sign glows in three modes—steady, slow flicker and fast flicker—and they all looked pretty awesome in the dark.


While it was more work than I anticipated, the result was totally worth it. If you'd want to create your own version, you can get your own kit here for $24.


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