Flash Forward Weekend Reveals Disney Futures!

The Disney Channel featured its first-ever "Flash Forward Weekend" on Friday and Sunday, giving us a glimpse into the futures of all of your favorite Disney Channel characters!

Disney Flash Forward Weekend

In the latest episode of A.N.T. Farm, titled "Past, PresANT, and Future," a teenage version of Zoltan arrives in a time machine from the 80s and falls in love with Chyna! Chyna travels back with him to his own time to attend prom. Meanwhile, Lexi takes advantage of time travel to try to prevent a bad 5th grade picture day photo from ever being taken!

In Jessie's "The Jessie-nator: Grudgement Day," A middle-aged version of Jessie comes back to warn today's Jessie about future Ravi and the evil robot version of Betram he will build! The robot creates a whole robot army, which seeks to overtake the world, starting with Jessie.

Meanwhile, the characters discover what their futures hold, including Jessie appearing in "Lord Of the Rings On Ice," Emma inventing the Time Runnel, Luke becoming a Dance-a-ball Hall Of Famer, and Zuri marrying Jaden Smith!

The newest episode of Good Luck Charlie, titled "Futuredrama," Ava Sambora plays a 14-year-old Charlie Duncan, who is finally old enough to really understand the video diaries her sister lovingly made for her. She watches one of the videos, about a fight between Teddy and Gabe, to figure out how to cope with an argument she is having with an 11-year-old Toby.

On the Dog With a Blog episode "Avery's Wild Party," Avery gets a glimpse into what it would be like if she were president of the United States, with Stan as her Secretary of State! 

In Austin & Ally's latest episode "Future Sounds & Festival Songs," Austin gets shocked by his Tune-Pro 3000 and dreams that he and Ally are transported into the future! The two discover that technology has advanced to the point where songwriter is no longer personal, and end up missing the old ways of writing.

Last but not least, in Shake It Up's "Future It Up" episode, we see CeCe and Rocky's 20th high school reunion, 22 years in the future! Though Rocky and CeCe are both successful in their own right, the two haven't been friends in years. While Dina and Duece try to get them to be friends again, a romance develops between Ty and Tinka!

Did you catch these episodes this weekend? Tell us about your favorite in the comments below!