Wait… There's a Beauty Product Made Just for THIS?

Just when we thought we'd seen it all, we discovered a fresh product, and it surely doesn't miss the (beauty) mark!

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FLiRT Cosmetics' Dot Dot Dot … Dual Eyeliner is a dual-sided tool with one part designed as a normal liquid liner, and the other side with a perfectly rounded tip for creating beauty marks or other artistic circular designs for your face.


The product offers two shades: black, appropriately named Beauty Mark; and a brown called Liquid Coco. I stumbled upon this creative little tool on accident while searching for something else. But as someone who's been reliant for years on my handy black Sharpie, I was intrigued by a product that was actually designed with the purpose of helping you create (or, in my case, intensify) a beauty mark on your face.

Once I discovered Dot Dot Dot … Dual Eyeliner ($22 on FLiRT Comestics' website), I immediately reached out to the company to request it for a review. And as you can see in the photo below, the results are visible and pleasing. If you want to try the product yourself, my only suggestion is to stay very still when you apply the dot. Even though the tip is perfectly rounded, it's important to remember that it's full of liquid eyeliner, which can get messy when not applied with care.


Eager to have matching beauty marks? You can create your own by picking up Dot Dot Dot … Dual Eyeliner here.


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