5 Easy Ways to Flirt If You're Shy

You pass your crush in the hallway, but instead of looking at them you avoid eye contact at all cost.

How will you get them to notice you when you can't even look their way? Have no fear, we've got you covered with five ways to flirt when you're naturally shy.

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(Mean Girls via Paramount Pictures)

1. Flash a Smile

We know this may seem out of your comfort zone, but we're sure you've smiled at strangers for holding the door open for you. If you can do that, then you can certainly flash a smile over at your crush. You are bound to lock eyes, because face it, you stare in their direction whenever they're in the same room. Instead of turning away quickly when they catch you staring, just flash a small sweet smile. Everyone can appreciate a smile, and your crush is no exception.

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(Alice in Wonderland via Walt Disney Productions)


2. Start Talking Via Text or Social Media

Start the conversation with your crush via social media or text. This way you can still talk to your crush even when you're not ready for that face-to-face interaction. Slide into their DM's with a homework question or maybe an inside joke about something your friend said. Then when you do talk to them in person, you'll have a place to start the convo.


3. Embrace the Awkward Flirt

Flirting takes confidence, sure—but there are other ways to flirt if you have trouble in the self-assurance department. Because you're shy and probably feel awkward at times, embrace your awkward! This is what makes you, you. Your crush should see your true colors. Being shy and awkward is cute and endearing. Don't be afraid to let the awkward flag fly.

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("You Belong With Me" via Universal Republic Records)


4. Be Inquisitive

It will help to have a few questions in your back pocket to ask your crush when the opportunity presents itself. Nothing too complicated, but if you know some of their interests, strike up a conversation. Your crush will love that you ask questions, especially about a topic that interests them.


5. Leave Some Mystery

When you talk to your crush, you're on cloud nine and could stay there forever. But, you must know when to end the conversation. Leave your crush wanting more. If you have a great conversation with them that only lasts a minute, that's good. Walk away on a high note and know that certainly won't be the last time you chat with them. Each time after that will get a little easier.


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