9 Flirty New Year's Texts to Start the Year Off Strong With Your Crush

We don't want to pressure you, but the first text you send to your crush in the new year can set the tone for the next 365 days of your relationship.

While that might sound a little scary, it's also the perfect opportunity for a fresh start and the chance to become more than just friends. Stressing over what that first text should say? We recommend one of these:

"My resolution this year is to stop being single. Yours?"

If you're feeling emboldened by the new year, it might be the perfect time to drop a big hint that you're interested in your crush. It's sure to catch their attention and let them know that you're interested in a relationship, allowing you to test the waters without going so far as saying you want to be together. Because some people are totally oblivious, there's no guarantee they'll get what you're going at, but at least it'll steer the conversation in the right direction and put you on their mind first thing in the new year.

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"We should definitely text more in 2019."

Just because we're in a new calendar year doesn't mean that you'll suddenly have the courage to spill your soul to your crush. If you're still feeling shy and unsure, this message communicates that you want to talk to them without being too bold or asking for too much of a commitment. It'll get the ball rolling, and hopefully inspire them to be the one to text you first next time.


"I just listened to my first song of the year, and it describes our relationship perfectly."

Have that one sweet, romantic song that always makes you think of your flawless crush? Usher in the new year by listening to it on repeat and see if it gets you psyched up to send a particularly flirty text to them. It shows that they're on your mind without revealing that you're basically thinking about them 24/7. And while it might be a little embarrassing to let them know about the song you always relate to them, it'll put that association in their brain and make them think of you when they hear it, too.


"My first dream of the year was all about you."

While it may require a bit of confidence to send this text to the object of your affections, chances are that it'll elicit a big response. They'll probably be eager to know all the details, but if you act coy about it and don't reveal everything at once, it'll pique their curiosity and get them to be the one asking you tons of questions at the start of the new year.

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"I don't have anything to say, but I wanted you to be my first text of the new year."

If you're always bad at starting text conversations, this one will probably ring true with you, and your crush will appreciate the authenticity. Sometimes, you just want to reach out to someone even if you don't necessarily have anything to talk to them about. If your crush has any interest in you, they'll jump on the opportunity to come up with something you can both talk about—and they'll be flattered by your thinking of them, too.


"This year I want to get better at texting. Any tips?"

Do your text convos with your crush often come to dead ends? Sometimes, all you need to do to keep things going is ask the right question. This trick allows you to directly ask your crush what they're looking for in a text conversation and to find out what interests them and what doesn't. Essentially, you're asking for the direct route to their heart. Once they've passed those bits of knowledge on to you, ask if you can practice on them. It's the perfect excuse to bug them whenever you feel like it, and it lets you know exactly what your crush likes when they're texting.


"I'm trying to be more forward this year. So let's hang out?"

Even if you're feeling just as bashful as always, this text shows initiative and gives you a chance to spend more time with your crush in one fell swoop. It'll be tough to say no to you when you're putting yourself on the line, and you can finally make the move you've been scared to make for the entire time you've known them. The toughest thing will be waiting for their response, but we think you'll get good results.

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"I couldn't end the first day of 2019 without talking to you."

If Jan. 1 is coming to a close and you still haven't worked up the nerve to talk to your crush, it's not too late. You can send this text before you head off to sleep to let them know that they're a priority in your life without actually revealing your feelings for them. It's a sweet gesture that will put you on their mind, even if you're far from ready to tell them you like them.


"I think my New Year's wish just might come true."

This can be a powerful New Year's text because it'll keep your crush guessing. Depending on how inquisitive your crush gets and how positively they respond, you can either tell them your wish is for you to date, or to talk more—or something different entirely if things don't go according to plan. The point is that it gives you options, and it's an excellent way to gauge how interested they really are in you.


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