7 Flirty Texts to Send to Your Aries Crush

Crushing hard on an Aries? We do not blame you.

It's easy to fall hard for their bold and dynamic personalities, and the fact that they tend to be quite athletic and popular can make them even more enticing. Of course, that also means the competition for their affection is extra fierce. When it comes to dating, they have lots of options, so you can't just sit back and hope they notice you if you want results.

Scared to make that first step? The right flirty text might be exactly what you need to get your foot in the door with them. Lucky for you, we have some suggestions you're free to borrow.

'You definitely work out, right? Any gym pointers?'

There's a stereotype that all Aries are active and athletic, and while it's not always true, it still is a lot of the time. Why not take the time to compliment their physique and dedication with a quick text while also asking them for some advice of your own? Not only can this be genuinely useful if you're looking to get in shape and need a bit of guidance, but gym rats love sharing their top tips—and if all goes well, you may even find yourself with a new gym buddy.

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'You always know what to say. If, hypothetically, you were going to tell someone you liked them, how would you do it?'

This one's not so subtle, but if you're going to flirt with your Aries crush via text, you might as well go all out, right? Aries are known for being fearless and going after what they want, so they tend to be good at professing their feelings—but you may be surprised. Whether they're timid or confident in their response can say something about how they feel about you, and if you're feeling extra daring, you can shoot the text right back at them once they've shared it with you.


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'We're having a little get-together, but we need someone with great energy there to liven things up. You in?'

If you're hanging out with friends and want an excuse to invite your crush, try this line. After all, Aries are known for being lively and energetic, and knowing how to talk to just about anyone to keep things exciting. Get ready for the party to legitimately get way better the second they show up, because Aries bring a level of excitement to any endeavor.

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'Any fun plans this weekend?'

This is a great question when you already know your crush will be up to all kinds of amazing things over the weekend—and even if you don't know, you can basically assume it, since Aries dislikes boredom and always knows where the fun is. Let them suggest activities for you, and try to be open to anything—especially an invite to join them wherever they're headed.


'Hey! I want to hear more about [subject] you were talking about…'

Aries is nothing if not passionate about their interests. If they brought up something interesting in conversation but the subject changed too quickly for you to follow up at the time, why not take that conversation to text? They'll love sharing everything they know about the topic with you, and you'll learn a lot, both about the person and the subject, in the process.

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'Can you help me pick something out? I've always liked how decisive you are…'

Aries are leaders known for being decisive and sticking to the choices they've made. If you're not so gifted in that area, and you're feeling brave enough to have your crush pick something for you, reach out to them for a little guidance. Go with their gut and show them you really do value their opinion all at once.


'All right, you win. How about I buy you a coffee as a truce?'

Few people love a little healthy competition more than an Aries, and there's something special about a friendly rivalry with your crush. Of course, you don't want to one-up them all the time, and on an occasion where you have to admit defeat, be a good sport about it. You can even treat them to something for your hard work, bringing you closer together while maintaining the dynamic.

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