7 Flirty Texts to Send Your Leo Crush

With their bold and confident personalities, Leos are totally crush-worthy—and if you've got your eye on a very special Leo (born between July 23 and Aug. 22), we can't see we blame you.

Of course, when it comes to ever-popular Leos, there can be a lot of competition among those vying for their affection. Curious about how to help yourself stand out from the crowd? We think a fun and flirtatious text is a great place to start—and we have some suggestions, tailor-made for Leos, below.

'Up for a little friendly competition?'

Of all of the signs of the zodiac, there's no one more competitive than Leo. They love to compete at every opportunity because it's a chance to show off their talents and come out on top. Of course, you should also be ready for the consequences. A Leo does not like to lose, and can sometimes be a sore loser—but they'll also gloat if they win. If you do win handily after taking them up on the offer, you may win their respect—or they might see you as a rival forever, so tread lightly!

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'You were a STAR today.'

There's a good reason Leo's ruling planet is actually the sun. Leos are natural-born stars, and they love being showered with attention and having their egos stroked. It doesn't hurt to play into it by giving them exactly the types of compliments and validation they're looking for. Keep it honest and share what you really like about them, and you'll have them glowing in no time.


'Doing anything fun lately? I need to get out of the house!'

If Leo has a knack for one thing, it's making the best out of a situation and having a ton of fun wherever they go. They always know about the coolest things to do and the best places to see, and they're always ready to share. After all, what's more intriguing than being in the know? Ask them for their best tips for having a great time, and they'll tell you—and maybe even invite you somewhere. We also like this framing because it makes you sound adventurous, and Leo can't stand sticks in the mud.

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'Shoot—I actually already have plans, but let's schedule something one-on-one soon!'

Just because Leo loves being the center of attention doesn't mean they want you telling them how great they are every second of every day. Leos can be pretty independent, and they respect others who are the same. That's why you shouldn't ditch the friends you've already made plans with in order to be where your Leo crush will be. By being honest and staying with your prior commitments, you can demonstrate you have your own healthy social life, while also letting them know they're a priority and that you'd like to make time with them in the future.


'Are you going to be at the party later? I hope I see you there!'

If someone at school is throwing a big party, you can pretty much guarantee that your Leo crush will be there to soak up the vibes and get things started. If you'll be there, too, let them know it, while letting them know you're interested and planting the seed of anticipation for them to see you. It will also demonstrate that you're on the same page about hanging out with friends and having a great time together.


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'You're always SO confident! Any pointers?'

Leos really pride themselves in their bold confidence—even if it's sometimes a front for their insecurity—so don't be afraid to give them even more of a confidence boost by letting them know that you've noticed. Not only will they feel seen, but this line really gives them an opportunity to open up with you about how they really feel while you learn their tricks of the trade. And did we mention that Leos really love talking about themselves?

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'I think you and I would make quite the power couple.'

There are few things Leo appreciates more than forthright interest, so if you're feeling lucky, why not be straightforward with them and tell them you're interested? Leos are considering the kings of the zodiac, and recognizing their leadership skills and charisma is a great way to flatter them. If they're going to be part of a couple, it'definitely going to be a power couple—but whether or not they actually accept your offer is up to them.


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