When you’re crushing on a Taurus, the key to winning their heart lies in knowing what they’re all about.

As an earth sign, Taurus has a strong work ethic, and they’re also known for being the most dependable sign in the zodiac, as well as for having a keen eye for fine things. That means sloppy or flaky behavior is going to be a major turn-off. If you need some recommendations for flirty, but not too forward, texts to send to your Taurus crush, we have some suggestions.

‘I need your best homework tips. How do you always stay so focused?’

Taurus is one of the hardest-working signs out there, and they seriously appreciate it when their dedication isn’t just recognized but also acknowledged. Many of them have spent years honing their routines and habits to work as efficiently as possible so that they get can lots done, and if your Taurus crush is an overachiever, they’ll love being complimented on their work ethic. Not only is this a text that will really build Taurus up, but you might learn some seriously practical tips you can use for yourself. Bonus points if you can show them how much their suggestions helped you with a better-than-average grade on an assignment!

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‘So I baked these amazing cookies and it’s way too much for my family to eat. Can I bring you some?’

Taurus is the sign known for their love of indulging in all things luxurious and cozy, and though they would never admit it, they love being spoiled. If you’re a skilled baker or cook, know that the path to a Taurus’s heart is through their stomach, and definitely share your culinary talents with them! Not only will they love whatever delicious food you bring them, but the fact you’re thinking of them will also speak volumes, without being too aggressive.


‘Weird question, but where do you shop? You always look SO put-together.’

Taurus’s appreciation of fine things extends to how they look. Most prefer to appear buttoned-up and professional at all times, and they’re usually not afraid to splurge on themselves in order to look nice. That’s also why they can’t stand sloppy appearances. If the Taurus in your life has a great sense of style, give them a compliment while asking where they shop to learn more about their style, likes and dislikes. If your styles align, you may even find yourself buying a piece or two from their favorite shop.

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‘I can tell you have good taste. What’s your favorite restaurant in town?’

Tauruses don’t just love great food—they also love talking about it. Tauruses may seem slightly picky about what they eat, but they’re actually pretty open-minded and are willing to try most things once, as long as it’s of high quality. If you’ve got the time to spare, asking Taurus about their favorite places to eat will leave you with a ton of knowledge about foods you’ve never heard of, and the very best restaurants in your area. If you’re feeling daring, you might even want to ask if you can go together sometime.


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‘I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate how reliable you are. I can’t stand flakes!’

If you need something done well and on time, ask a Taurus. The majority of Tauruses always arrive early and are both reliable and thorough, so if they promise you they’ll be able to get you something, you can trust that they’ll do just that. If you have the pleasure of working together on something and you get to see their abilities in action, don’t let them go unrecognized! Taurus will always get the job done. Just remember not to have double standards—if you’re going to impress Taurus, you’ll have to be on-point, too!


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‘Thanks for being such a great listener. I can’t share with most people like I can share with you.’

Many Tauruses are known to be the “parent” of their friend group because they’re emotionally mature and are master problem-solvers. If you’re close enough to a Taurus to be able to share your struggles with them, you’ll find that they’re patient and excellent listeners, and that many know when you need solutions to your problems, or when you just want to feel heard. If you’ve recently opened up to your Taurus crush, let them know how much it meant to you. Chances are that you really can’t rely on others the way you can rely on them.

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‘I desperately need a knowledgable study buddy, and I can’t think of anyone better for the task than you.’

If you’re struggling in a class and know that your Taurus crush is amazing at that subject, why not shoot your shot and ask if you can study together? Regardless of the outcome, you’ll get to know them better, while also getting some much-needed academic help. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, either—most Tauruses actually appreciate people who can express vulnerability and not pretend they know everything. You never know if you might also be able to aid them in a subject that’s not their strong suit.


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