Flirty Texts to Send Your Crush on the 4th of July

July 4th is the perfect opportunity to sleep in, watch fireworks, flip burgers—and, most importantly, flirt with your crush.

Yep, this hot summer day goes far beyond honoring America's independence, and in fact is an excellent opportunity to let a certain someone know how you feel.

Not sure how to use this special day to strike up flirty convo with your crush? Welp, you don't need a match! Just follow our text ideas below:

1. 'Today's officially the 4th of July, but haven't sparks been flying for quite some time?'

This one goes out to the crush you feel pretty comfortable with; the one who has expressed feelings for you and vice versa. Why you're not with them today, we do not know, but either way, they're sure to appreciate your upfront flirtation.


2. 'I'm red, white and BLUE you're not here.'

This text is short, sweet and totally harmless. If your crush likes you back, they'll appreciate that you're thinking of them, but even if they're just feeling you as a friend, they'll still dig the friendly gesture. And if you include a pic of you and your pals representing ultimate #goals (a la the photo below), they're sure to feel like they're missing out!


3. 'Wishing you a firework-filled Fourth as bright as your smile! ☺️'

Here's another foolproof way to let your crush know you're thinking of them without coming on too strong. If they like you back, they'll find this cute and complimentary. If they only see you as being in the friend-zone, they'll still appreciate the upbeat note!


4. 'I'm going to be as cheesy as the burger I'm flipping and say that I really miss seeing your face today.'

Who doesn't love a bit of silly wit? Your crush will love how you creatively tied the holiday into a complimentary way of acknowledging their absence. They'll have no choice but to reply with something equally flattering.

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5. 'The 4th of July is all about independence, but I'd be so much happier spending the day with you.'

Who doesn't appreciate a straightforward text from a confident young lady? This is perfect for when you don't feel like holding back. Put what you want out there and there's a good chance they'll tell you they're feeling the same way.


6. 'What's the point in seeing fireworks today if I can't watch them with you?'

Going off of No. 5, here's another option to send when you feel like laying the cards out on the table. You're still being cutesy with the holiday tie-in, but you're also playing no games, letting your crush know you have no other intention than seeing them today.


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