7 Flirty Texts to Send to Your Cancer Crush

When you're crushing hard on a Cancer, it can sometimes feel like it's impossible to crack them out of their tough shell.

That can make texting difficult. It's hard enough to text someone you like without the added challenge of getting through that extra layer. Of course, it's not impossible. Most of the time, captivating a Cancer is less about grabbing their attention in an obvious way, and more about noticing what they do for you and what your relationship means as a whole. And since Cancers rarely text first, here are eight texts you can send them to get your conversation started.

1. 'Are you kidding me? You really are the sweetest.'

If you notice a Cancer's random act of kindness, do not let it go unmentioned. Cancers are a sign that hides their softness until you get to know them, so if you catch a glimpse of it, don't be afraid to compliment them and bring that aspect out of them early. They love being appreciated for their hearts, and the more comfortable they feel with you early on, the more likely it is that you'll soon get to see the real them. Reward their kindness and care, and you're likely to get their fondness and attention in return.

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2. 'Thanks for making me feel comfortable.'

Has your Cancer crush gone above and beyond recently to make you feel like you belong? The sign is all about home and family, and they'll go out of their ways to make others feel at home, because that's how they'd want others to treat them. They're also hardly recognized for this, so let them know that you see the work they're doing and that you welcome it. The fact that they did this for you means there are probably already warm feelings involved, so see if you can nurture them into something more.


3. 'Letting you know that if you need to talk about anything, I am all ears.'

Cancers are known for experiencing mood swings, but we like to think the sign as one that just experiences their emotions a bit more deeply and strongly than others. If the Cancer in your life has been a little off lately, extend a hand and let them know that you're more than happy to hear them out. They may be closed off at first, but continue to show that you care and that you're open, and if it's meant to be, they'll soon start spilling it all to you.


4. 'You seem like you give good advice. Could you help me with…'

Above all things, Cancers deal with trust. Some have earned a bit of a bad reputation for being either overly emotional or overly cold, but Cancers don't share all of themselves except with those they fully trust, and you can earn theirs by confiding in them. Be open to sharing with them and then learning from them, and then actually listen to their advice and see where it takes you. That's the key to building faith and confidence with them.

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5. 'So, [friend name] told me you're into [subject]?'

This one seems a bit vague, but bear with us. Often, the key to a Cancer's heart is to befriend their inner circle. Understand the types of people they value, and learn about your friend in the process. Becoming emotionally close to a Cancer before you date them can make all the difference in your relationship, and chances are that you'll make some brilliant new friends along the way.


6. 'So how do you feel about you and me?'

Sometimes, it doesn't cut it to beat around the bush any longer, and you just need to come out and say how you feel—or at least start asking some questions to find out how the other person feels about you. Cancer appreciates when people are direct with them and tell them exactly what they're thinking, so if you want to shoot your shot, just do it! However, be as honest as you are straightforward. Don't mislead them about yourself in any way, because the second they sense the deception, you'll be through.

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7. 'I need a good cry. Any movie recs?'

This one appeals to the emotional side of Cancer. On the inside, they're all big softies who experience the full range of their emotions, and chances are that your Cancer crush knows dozens of films that'll bring on the waterworks. A more inquisitive Cancer will probably also ask you what you're going through, which is an unusual way to start a conversation, but it works nonetheless!


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