FLO's PMS Vitamin Capsules Fight Period Symptoms With a New Sugar-Free Formula

This summer, I got the chance to try PMS-fighting FLO gummy vitamins, and I became an instant fan of the brand.

When I get my period, I tend to suffer from really painful cramps, and all-around feel extra grumpy, and the fact that FLO's delicious ring-shaped gummies felt like they alleviated both of those symptoms was very welcome. However, after my month's supply ran out, I completely forgot to restock. While I've tried some other products that fit a similar niche since then, FLO will always be my favorite—I just can't resist a tasty gummy!

So when the team from O Positiv, the company behind FLO, got in touch with me again and asked if I'd be interested in trying out their new sugar-free vitamin capsules, I jumped at the opportunity. About three weeks into them, they're working just as well for me—even if I'm missing that great strawberry flavor.

The Brand

Like the gummy vitamin that came before it, the FLO Vitamin Capsule is designed to help you combat all of your period's most unpleasant symptoms. Since most people who menstruate deal with PMS, these vitamins use natural ingredients to make our periods less irritating and painful.

Ingredients include vitamin B6 for helping mood swings and cravings, plus chaste berry extract for hormonal acne, breast tenderness and mood swings, lemon balm for stress, cramps and digestion and angelica root to balance estrogen, as well as lessening cramps, bloating and muscle pain. That all comes in a vegan and non-GMO formula, without any gluten, nuts or soy, manufactured here in the United States. Plus, unlike the gummy, the capsule formula is entirely sugar-free.

Each jar contains 30 pink capsules—a 30-day supply—and sells for $29.99. However, you can also buy two months' worth of capsules discounted at $49.98, or save $5 every month by subscribing and getting a delivery each month for $24.99.

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The Vitamins

My new FLO samples came in about a week and a half before my next period, which felt like perfect timing. It came in the cutest pink jar (which I definitely plan to recycle once I've used up all of the capsules), and I took one of the fancy pills, clear and full of tiny rose-colored balls, right away. The brand notes that you won't see full results until taking them for two full menstrual cycles, but with the gummies, I felt the effects almost immediately, so I didn't want to delay getting started. This vitamin wasn'quite as fun to take as the gummies had been, but I only had to take one as opposed to two, and with just a little water, the coated capsule was easy to swallow.

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I made sure to regularly take one capsule each day, at around the same time, until my period actually arrived. While I can sometimes get hormonal acne about a week before my period, I haven't had to deal with that for a few months, and that didn't change after a couple of days of taking these vitamins.

And when the time actually came, I found that I reaped all of the same benefits I had during my round with the FLO gummies. While my cramps didn't entirely disappear, they were much less harsh, and I didn't have any days where I had to take a break and rest under a heating pad for an hour until I felt better. My mood also felt pretty even over my entire period, and I didn't experience any bloating at all. While it's impossible to say this was all because of the vitamins, I had another smooth and unproblematic period, and that'always welcome.

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Bottom Line

Yet again, taking FLO's vitamins seemed to help me have one of my easiest periods ever. While there's no good way to test how much of that I can thank FLO for—every period is different, and I have my good ones and my bad ones—but so far, the brand is two out of two, so I think they must be doing something right.

Of course, these were definitely less fun than the gummy versions packing the same great ingredients, and I have forgotten to take them on a couple of occasions because I wasn't hankering for a pink capsule. Personally, I'd go for the gummies, but if you have to watch your sugar intake, or just don't care for the extra calories, these are definitely a viable option.

And with all things, your experience may vary quite differently from mine. Since the brand suggests taking it for two months to see the effects, I imagine many people will take that full period to start seeing any benefits. Plus, as it is with any vitamin or health supplement, you should consult with your doctor before taking them. They also cost about a dollar per day, which can be a little expensive, but are fully worth it if you think FLO might help you deal with the toughest time of the month.


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