FLO Vitamins Are the Tasty Gummies Designed to Stop PMS In Its Tracks

I am down for trying pretty much anything that'll make my period more comfortable.

I've tried special teas, heat pads and lots and lots of ibuprofen, and while certain things do help, nothing has ever alleviated the pain and discomfort completely. Of course, when I started stumbling upon FLO vitamins and their ring-shaped gummies that are designed specifically to combat PMS symptoms, I was intrigued. It wasn't long after that I was contacted by the folks behind the brand to see if I'd be interested in reviewing. I was, and here's my own personal experience with FLO.

The Brand

FLO is a gummy vitamin formulated to taste good while fighting the nastiest parts of PMS. After all, PMS affects the vast majority of people who menstruate, but there's no reason we all have to suffer every month. They're packed with vitamin B6 (said to help with mood swings and cravings), plus a proprietary herbal blend of botanicals including chaste berry extract for hormonal acne, mood swings and breast tenderness, lemon balm for cramps, digestion and stress and angelica root for balancing estrogen levels and relieving cramps, bloating and muscle pains.

These vitamins are also vegan and non-GMO, as well as free of any gluten, nuts or soy, with no artificial colors, flavors or dyes. They're also manufactured right here in the United States. Each jar holds 60 gummies, or a 30-day supply. One jar sells for $29.99, while two months' worth is discounted at $49.98. You can also save $5 every month by subscribing and getting a delivery each month for $24.99—which makes a ton of sense in terms of timing.

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The Experience

My FLO samples arrived about a week after my previous period, but I got started taking them right away, regardless. The brand actually recommends taking the vitamins for two menstrual cycles to feel their full effects, with many people seeing changes sooner, so I was curious to see if a couple of weeks' worth would make any difference by the time my next one rolled around.

The instructions told me to take two gummies per day, and I was curious to dig into them right away, enticed by their tart, fruity scent, soft color and squishy texture. I only had to take one nibble before I knew that taking them daily would not be a problem. The strawberry flavor is delicious, and the texture is soft with just the right amount of firmness, so it doesn't stick to your teeth. Basically, these are vitamins that taste so good you simply won't forget to take them.

Flo Vitamins jar

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Of course, it'd take more time to find out whether they actually did anything. Since the vitamins are said to help deal with hormonal acne, I paid attention to that first. I'll sometimes get small breakouts, particularly on my forehead, about a week before my period, so I paid extra attention there. The verdict? I got one tiny pimple on my jawline. Not bad.

The real test came when my period actually arrived. It's typical for me to have at least one day a month where my cramps can get so bad that they make me feel nauseous and woozy. Not so during my first month with FLO. I did still have some cramping, but it was all pretty manageable, and I didn't have to break out a heating pad once—another benefit in the middle of summer.

I usually don't bloat too much, but I did appear slightly less puffy in the mirror, and it wasn't a particularly moody time for me either. I only cried once (but my family was watching Coco, and are you even human if that doesn't make you shed a tear?). I still wouldn't have called my period fun, but it definitely seemed easier than usual, and though I can't be entirely sure I could attribute all of that to FLO, I do feel like they helped.

Flo Vitamins gummy balancing on finger

(via Flo Vitamins)


Bottom Line

I had a relatively easy and pain-free period after starting FLO vitamins, and though it's impossible to say that they were 100% responsible, I don't think it's entirely a coincidence. I just felt good, and while at first I was concerned that I wouldn't be thinking about a PMS gummy during the times I wasn'on my period, the fact that these gummies taste amazing meant I had no issue taking them consistently, and in fact anticipated being able to take them each day.

Of course, your experience will likely vary, and, as with any vitamin or health supplement, you should consult with your doctor before taking them. At about a dollar per day, they may also be somewhat pricey for some. However, if you have bad periods and want to see if FLO works for you, I think they're worth a shot.


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