Move Over, Slime! 2018 Is the Year of Floral Foam

Slime practically took over the world in 2017.

The squishy goo was popping up everywhere from YouTube to Instagram, and in about a billion different variations. Everyone was either DIYing their own concoction or buying it online.

We just couldn't get enough of it.

But slime's reign may be coming to a halt real quick, now that floral foam is taking Insta by storm.

The spongy green brick, commonly used as a base in flower arrangements, is just as fun to mess with as slime, but for a totally different reason.

While slime can last for virtually forever and can return to its original form once played with, floral foam is meant to be destroyed. Once you tear it apart or smash it between your hands, there's no turning back.

Watching people mess with the foam is way more mesmerizing than any slime video you'll ever see. It's simply magical.

When watching these, you can't forget to turn on the sound, because hearing the foam crunch or crack while being squeezed is kind of therapeutic in a way.

There are a handful of IG accounts posting vids with the foam, but the one you really need to pay attention to is @issafloralfoam.

Her quick clips are the best, but we wouldn't expect anything less from someone dubbed the Floral Foam Queen.


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