Stray Cats in Florida Find a New Home With the Help of a Kindhearted Police Officer

While some police officers are patrolling for speed violators, this cop is on the hunt for a different kind of animal.

Gretchen Byrne is an officer in Boca Raton, Florida who has rightfully been named the Cop Who Loves Cats.

During her patrols, Gretchen is always on the lookout for kittens who have been abandoned by their owners. When she comes across a furry friend in need, she scoops them up and brings them back to the station, where they spend the day playing with Byrne's coworkers before heading home with her at the end of the day.

Since rescuing her first litter of kittens two years ago, Byrne has saved a total of 63 cats. She brings them home, pays their vet bills, ensures that they are neutered and helps them find new homes through her Instagram page.

Even though Byrne only acts as a foster mom for her lovable rescues, she is a committed temporary parent. She loves cuddling her foster babies, swaddling them in blankets and feeding them bottles.

Thankfully, her deep love for her furry friends means she has no plans of stopping her rescue missions any time soon.

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