Flow Alkaline Spring Water Needs to Be On Your Radar

I love a crisp glass of iced water.

It's refreshing, replenishing and keeps our bodies moving. However, I do get a bit bored of having plain old water every day—I like to switch things up! So, when a rep from Flow Alkaline Spring Water reached out, I was more than happy to test out their products. Keep scrolling to find out all about Flow Alkaline Spring Water and their many delicious flavors.

The Brand

Flow Alkaline Spring Water comes in packaging that's not made from plastic and is 100% recyclable. Plus, since alkaline has a naturally larger PH level than normal water, it's good for your body. Flow offers an array of flavors, ranging from Original to Grapefruit + Elderflower to Cucumber + Mint and more!

The brand sent me three flavors, and I couldn't wait to try them all.


(via Flow)


The Products

Original Alkaline Spring Water (12 Pack): $25.99

I figured my best bet for a taste test was by starting out with the Original flavor—plain water. I'm not afraid to say I'm a total water snob. The best water I've ever had comes straight from the ground in Idaho, with the worst being yucky bottled brands like Dasani.

I wasn't sure if the Original flavor was going to meet my needs, but it totally did. There's no weird smell or aftertaste—in fact, it tastes so fresh and pure. Made with naturally-occurring electrolytes and essential minerals, the 12-pack I was sent was the first flavor to go in my house.

And can we talk about the fact that Shawn Mendes drinks Flow? Sign me up!


Blood Orange Collagen-Infused Spring Water (12 Pack): $35.99

Next up for my taste test was the Blood Orange Collagen-Infused flavor. When it comes to flavored waters, I don't ever expect the star ingredient to have too strong of a taste. In fact, I prefer it when there's just an underlying flavor.

I tasted the Blood Orange right away, but it was definitely faint. It didn't overpower my taste buds and gave me the perfect refreshing taste of blood orange. Plus, since it's infused with collagen, it was good for my hair, skin, nails and joints. Made with no sugar or sweeteners, I wasn't surprised to find myself reaching for this in the fridge time and time again.


(via Flow)


Watermelon Collagen-Infused Spring Water (12 Pack): $35.99

The last water I tried for my taste test was the Watermelon Collagen-Infused flavor. Again, the watermelon wasn't super strong. It was just right. And since it's been so hot where I live, I've found myself gravitating toward this flavor. I actually had some fresh watermelon in the house the other day and enjoyed it alongside this beverage. It was delicious.

And again, since this drink is infused with collagen, I felt like I was really supporting my body while drinking this. However, I feel like it's important to note the collagen-infused drinks from Flow aren't vegan-friendly. For me, that's no big deal (I love a big, juicy steak), but it's definitely not for everyone.


(via Flow)


Bottom Line

I quickly fell in love with the flavors Flow has to offer. Watermelon and Blood Orange are drinks I can see myself enjoying especially in the summer. But I do have to say I enjoyed the Original one most. It was so crisp and refreshing, and I definitely plan on recommending it to everyone who will listen.


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