How The Flower Apothecary Harnesses the Self-Care Power of Flower Essences

When it comes to the connection between spiritual healing and self-care, I'm a skeptic who's up for anything.

While I don't necessarily believe that gems and flowers and other forces possess healing energy that can benefit my life, I've been surprised by how great I can feel after certain energetic practices.

That's precisely what drew me to The Flower Apothecary when the rep for the company reached out to me. They specialize in products designed around different healing properties using flower essences. Curious, I agreed to try out a few of their goodies and see if, indeed, they'd be a positive influence in my life.

The Brand

According to The Flower Apothecary, their products combine science and what they call "ancient wisdom" to create flower essences to help us all live better lives. Different flowers are said to have different healing properties, and their products combine these into tonics and skin mists with different effects that all support emotional balance.

Ingredients include flower essences as well as gem essences, which are said to possess the healing properties of crystals as well. Their consumable flower and gem essences are each made with a specific state of being in mind, while their great-smelling skin mists moisturize as well as promote wellness. The 1 oz. essences sell for $22 per bottle, while the 2 oz. mists sell for $27 each.

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The Experience

Illuminated Neroli Skin Mist

I was getting a little bored of the cucumber facial mist I've been using for the past few months, so I was excited to try out The Flower Apothecary's mist in Illuminated Neroli. It came in a very inviting blue glass bottle, but I was totally unprepared for the incredible fragrance when I first gave it a test spray on my wrist.

I was completely unfamiliar with neroli before this, and discovering the flower made me feel like the world had been holding out on me for years. The fragrance was a sugary honeysuckle that smelled almost like candy, with the slightest hint of grass and spice. I may have discovered one of my new favorite scents in the whole world.

Trusting it after my wrist test, I gave it a big spray all over my face before I applied my moisturizer, and was delighted at the way the scent covered my face. It also made my skin feel tight and clean, leaving me quite happy.

According to the bottle, neroli has a high vibration (a state said to invite in positivity, love, compassion and peacefulness). This mist also includes nigella, said to promote a sense of personal empowerment and strength while protecting the energy field, and carnelian gem essence, which allegedly has uplifting properties.

After only a couple of uses, I decided against using this in my morning routine because I absolutely want to savor every deliciously scented drop, opting instead for the Sublime Rose mist I describe next—at least, until that one runs out. For now, I have the bottle at my desk to spray for a pick-me-up when I'm feeling drained, and it does just the trick.



Sublime Rose Skin Mist

The Sublime Rose Skin Mist from The Flower Apothecary is similar to the neroli mist, except for the fact that it'all about the power of roses. That means it contains rose flower essence, rose quartz gem essence and rosa damascena essential oil for the biggest punch.

Supposedly, rose oil has the highest vibration of all oils, and rose hydrosol is great for relieving tension, while rose quartz aids in beauty and love. I don't know about all that, but although I'm not as fully obsessed with this fragrance as I am with the neroli, it still smells incredible and perks me up daily after my morning shower, helping me feel less groggy and more ready for the day.




Pure Joy Flower and Gem Essence

Last but not least is the flower and gem essence that's formulated to help with "Pure Joy." Unlike the mists, this product comes in a dropper bottle, allowing the user to drip four drops of the stuff directly into the mouth four times a day (or as needed) to maximize happiness.

First of all, this essence is pretty delicious. It's a little sweet and a little bitter, with a floral coolness that makes each little dosage quite pleasant. And on top of all that, it contains all kinds of flower essences to support a number of positive outcomes.

It contains chicory for unconditional love, gentian for perseverance, gorse for hope and manifesting fate, mustard for growth and abundance, sweet chestnut for trust in positive outcomes and wild rose for happiness, on top of watermelon tourmaline gem essence which is all about balance in the universe. The company also says there are only trace amounts of each of these original plants, and that they're therefore safe for people with allergies.

And maybe it's all in my head, but remembering to do my drops every day always makes me feel better. Perhaps it's that it's a sweet little treat I get to take part in a few times a day, but tasting it always makes me feel like I'm getting a fresh start after doing something draining or stressful. Even if I'm just pretending to be drinking a happiness elixir, it feels good, and when I run out I'll seriously consider trying out something else from the brand.



Bottom Line

If you're open-minded and curious about trying all things related to self-care and healing, you can likely get a lot out of The Flower Apothecary's offerings. While they're not necessarily fully scientific, it's fun and sometimes helpful to take parts in little self-care rituals that feel good in the process. And the more you know about these positive effects, the better you'll feel.

While these items aren't inexpensive, they respectively smell and taste incredible, with high-quality ingredients. Plus, they introduced me to neroli and made me completely obsessed, which was worth the price in itself.


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