Flyin High Is New Coco Jones and MattyB Collab!

Coco Jones and MattyB recently collaborated to put together the inspiring new single "Flyin High" and we are absolutely loving the new song's new music video!Flyin High Coco Jones MattyB

The video takes place in the middle of a towering cityscapes as Coco and MattyB remind us how important it is to always believe in ourselves!

"It doesn't matter your age, shape, size, color, or situation," reads the video's description. "You can always choose to live your life to the fullest and follow your dreams!"

"Flyin High" demonstrates how much MattyB is really maturing as a rapper, and Coco Jones' lovely vocals are the perfect complement! The new track is gorgeous, inspiring and thought provoking, and sure to create a few new fans for both artists!

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