If Being a Pop Artist Has Always Been Your Dream, You Need THIS Gear

Since I was a little girl, I've always dreamed of being a recording artist. ????

I grew up in a household full of music. My dad was always walking around the house strumming his guitar, my sister was constantly playing the piano and me, well, you couldn't get me to stop singing.

Music or no music, I was always carrying a tune and dreaming of a day where I'd finally get to record my songs for the world to hear.

I'm a little more grown up now, and, sadly, I haven't signed a record deal or even professionally recorded a song in studio, but I have been able to record my music in the comfort of my home thanks to one great bundle of tech: Focusrite's Scarlett Solo Studio.

Scarlett Studio Devices

These pro tools have helped me turned my bedroom into my very own recording studio. If you, too, have dreamed of becoming a pop sensation, scroll below and see how this gear may just help you achieve that.

If you're serious about your music career, you probably already know by now that renting out a recording studio requires some major moolah.

When I heard about the Scarlett Solo Studio I was majorly intrigued because it essentially provides you everything you need to set up a complete recording studio in your own bedroom. Amazing, right?

I placed an order for the Solo Studio and eagerly waited for my package to arrive so that I could see if this set really produced professional quality music as it promised.

When it arrived, I opened up my box and discovered three pieces of tech.

There were these closed-back quality headphones that looked and felt like they belonged in a real recording studio.




Scarlett Studio Headphones

Then there was this large diaphragm condenser microphone.

Scarlett Studio microphone

And finally, the coolest item, in my opinion, was this single mic Scarlett Solo interface that hooks right up to your computer.

Scarlett Studio System

Along with all of this, are all of the cables and software you need to set up your in-home studio.

I couldn't wait to get started, so I quickly connected my Scarlett Solo to my Mac using the provided USB cable.

I decided to not use the included software and opt for GarageBand, simply because I'm more comfortable with it.

Setting everything up took less than five minutes, which was shocking for a not so tech-savvy girl like myself. Once I was plugged in, I took a minute to mess around with all of the gear, and get familiar with the different interfaces.

My favorite thing about this bundle from the get-go was definitely the preamp. Not only does it produce awesome audio, it's super easy to read and keep a lookout on your levels with the front-panel indicators.

Brittney playing with Scarlett Studios system

I was also immediately impressed with the microphone. Once I adjusted the levels, the sound was crisp and clear. It's amazing how different the sound quality can be when using an actual microphone as opposed to just your Mac's built-in ones.

After becoming familiar with the devices, I dragged an instrumental version of one of my fave Taylor Swift songs into GarageBand and began recording my own audio over it.

When I completed the track, I toggled around with different effects until I was satisfied with the end result. Again, I'm a recording novice and even I could figure this out!

If you are more advanced, I can imagine you would love using the industry-standard music software Ableton Live Lite and Pro Tools | First Focusrite Creative Pack this bundle comes with. On this software, you can compose, record, edit, save and export all your music all in one place. You can even plug in your guitar alongside your mic and record both voice and instrumental tracks at once. Pretty fancy, huh?

The cool thing about this bundle is that really anyone can use it. Whether you're like me and just want to produce higher quality music to share with your friends, or you're an actual recording artist who wants to be able to record anywhere and everywhere, this portable set is perfect.

Want to make your pop star dreams a reality, too? Head over to Focusrite's site HERE and get your own portable recording studio at an affordable price. ????


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