3 Ways to Fight Foggy Glasses When You're Wearing a Mask

If you wear glasses, you've probably discovered that corrective lenses and a protective face mask aren't always a match made in heaven.

Particularly in the chilly winter months, the simple act of breathing can leave your lenses positively coated in fog, making it nearly impossible to see where you're going. While you definitely shouldn't remove your mask, taking off your glasses and stumbling around without your vision isn't ideal either, and wiping them clean is only a very temporary solution.

But then doesn't mean that your outings are canceled until the end of the pandemic. Here are our top three fixes to combat your foggy goggles.

Mind the Gap

The fog appearing in your spectacles is simply warm, wet air from your nose and/or mouth when you breathe. If you can close up the seam at the top of your mask, you'll prevent your glasses from steaming up. This can be achieved in a number of ways. For example, you can use something with an adhesive, like tape, a bandage or even a cute sticker to stick the mask to your face. Some people even swear by putting a damp tissue at the bridge of their mask to close it off. And if your mask is big enough, you might even be able to secure it down using your glasses themselves.

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Find Your Fit

Rather than actually closing off the top of your glasses with extra material, you may find that simply wearing a better-fitting mask properly sends your breath downward, instead of upward, so that it doesn't affect your glasses. One-size-fits-all really doesn't apply to masks. Whenever possible, buy masks that come in different sizes and do a little research to find the one best suited to your face. Masks that include moldable foam or metal, allowing it to shape properly to your face, will also do wonders to get your lenses clear.

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Treat Your Lenses

Anti-fog lenses do exist, but not all of us have access to them. For the rest of us, there are a few ways you can create temporary fog-proofing that can last up to a few hours. Washing with dish soap and water, or even wiping them with antibacterial hand wipes, will make it more difficult for any steam to stick to the insides of your lenses. However, we've found that the longest-lasting and most effective method involves shaving cream. Take a tiny dab and rub it into your glasses with a cleaning cloth until it goes clear, and when you go out, you'll forget you're even wearing a mask in the first place.


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