9 Creative Captions for Announcing Every Follower Milestone on Instagram

Finally reaching a follower milestone on Instagram is a moment worth celebrating—but what's the right way to celebrate?

Obviously, a cute post is in order. If you're struggling to figure out what to say once you've thanked all of your lovely followers, one of these clever captions might come in handy.

For when you're super proud of the number you've just hit:

"It's all about those digits."

Instagram: Boedha the french bulldog 10000 followers donuts

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For when you want to show your true appreciation to every last person who followed you:

"You're so much more than a follower."


For that pic celebrating 500 amazing followers:

"Keeping it 500."


For the screenshot of your big new count:

"Strength in numbers."


For when you've worked really hard to get to your current follower count:

"Started from the bottom, now we're here."



For when your milestone is just a stepping-off point for the next one:

"Never stop growing."

Instagram: kiwigreenconure parakeet 500 followers

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For the pic that shows that the memories you've built are more important than any number:

"Life isn't a matter of milestones, but of moments."

-Rose Kennedy


For when you're already thinking about the next milestone:

"Here's to another hundred."


For when your loyal followers have put you in a lovey-dovey mood:

"Distance means so little when you all mean so much."


For your photo posing with number balloons showing off how many followers you have:

"The numbers speak for themselves."

Instagram: Mimistail bunny 10k follower balloons

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