Austin Mahone Take His Pizza Love To the Next Level

McDonald's recently launched a Big Mac-themed clothing line, but they're late to the game. Stars from Austin Mahone to Victoria Justice have already been using style to take their love of food to a whole new level. Which of these 8 delicious food-themed outfits looks the tastiest?

1. Austin Mahone 

We'd love a pizza Austin's wardrobe. Everyone know Austin is a pizza devotee, but this is amazing.

austin mahone pizza hoodie

(via Shopify)

2. Cara Delevingne

Why wear just one of your fav foods when you can wear them all?

cara delevigne hamburger and french fries top

(via Where To Get)

3. Bethany Mota 

Donut forget about delicious breakfast treats.

bethany mota donut crop top

(via We Heart It)

4. Christina Perri 

Forget diamonds. Hamburgers are Christina's best friend.


(via Steal Her Style)

5. Becky G

It's burgers AND fries before guys for Becky G.

becky g hamburger and fries dress

(via Bop and Tiger Beat)

6. Victoria Justice 

Victoria also couldn't resist expressing her love for pizza.

victoria justice pizza sweater

(via Shopify)

7. Rita Ora

Rita is not afraid to get cheesy

rita ora cheese dress

(via Dawn Yang)

8. Katy Perry

Katy didn't just wear hot cheetos, she became one!

Katy Perry dresses up as a Cheetoh at Kate Hudson's Party

(via Celebuzz)

Which food themed outfit would wear in a heartbeat? Tell us in the comments below and don't forget to share your foodie fashion with us at Sweety High.