Have Your Cake and Wear It, Too, With These Delicious Designs

Rommy Kuperus is a Dutch designer of all things delicious. Her online retail shop RommydeBommy could more accurately be described as a bakery or deli, as each item she creates resembles real food.

We are completely obsessed with her work, which ranges from purses and clutches to necklaces and bow ties—even sweet to savory!

"My designs are full of energy, a complete color explosion and a sense of humor," the artist says about her styles. "I like to look at products in a different way, and go against the rules, because that will create that unique product!"

She started out as a fashion blogger, showing off her unique personal style, before deciding to create her own accessories.

Let's take a look at some of our Rommy faves that look so good you'll want to eat them.


The cake purse is a staple in her sweet category. She has many different cake designs and flavors, but the Sprinkles Cake speaks to our true colors. Although, her signature Cappuccino Chocolate Cake purse may be better suited for the upcoming fall weather.


The Fruit Loops necklace and matching bag brings a new meaning to all-day breakfast. You may remember stringing this sugary cereal onto a long strand of yarn as one of your first DIY fashion projects as a kid. Rommy took your arts & crafts design and made it into a wearable accessory—and with a longer shelf life, might I add.


What would modern-day food fashion be without a colorful contemporary creation? This Rainbow Bagel purse is inspired by Scott Rossillo's tie-dyed bagel brainchild that he sells at the now-famous Brooklyn-based bakery, The Bagel Store. This sweet rainbow breakfast looks too good to eat. Instead of snapping a photo to make the magic last longer, wear it over your shoulder with this delicious design.

This waffle will have passersby saying, "You have some food on your shirt." Rommy cooks up creative ways to add a little something extra to the shape of an ordinary bow tie. The butter pad in the center is the perfect detail to an already delectable design.



This Sandwich purse is almost too good to wear out without feeling those hunger grumbles all day long. One look at this bag and your friends will be asking, "Is it lunchtime yet?" The detail in the lightly toasted bread is total food-fashion goals.

If you thought you'd make it through this list without pizza, you must not have had your Starbucks today. Pizza is the queen of savory. On Rommy's site you'll find pizzas with various toppings, but the Hawaiian is by far the cutest (and in our opinion, the tastiest, too!).

This Sushi Platter puts the roll in Rock 'n' Roll. Its simple-yet-chic design makes it a great accessory to bring to anything from a concert to a banquet.

It's undeniable that bacon fans mean business. Whether coated in chocolate or flavored in soda, bacon lovers can't get enough of this crispy morning side item. This breakfast bow tie is the perfect addition to any outfit.


Order's Up

If you thought the genius ended with her accessories, think again. Rommy's endless creativity brings the food theme to every aspect of her shop.

Order a pizza clutch and it will be delivered the only way pizza knows how…in a box!

Even her lookbook and business cards are crafted to appear like a menu. This designer really puts the art in smart.

We can't wait to see what Rommy will bake up next. Until then, enjoy THESE totally bizarre fast food mashups to satisfy your taste buds.