These 5 Fashion and Celebrity-Inspired Desserts Are Too Pretty to Eat

Instagram user @inspiredtotaste has combined food and fashion to create some of the most alluring desserts we've ever laid eyes on.

Her creativity and baking skills know no bounds. Scroll on down to see some of the magnificent creations she's crafted.


1. Dolce & Gabbana Cake Pops

They may not look it, but those flowers are indeed edible. Is it bad to say that the pops are more pleasing to the eyes than the dress that inspired them?

2. Cookie Wardrobe

If only it were possible to wear your clothes and eat them, too. It would make life that much easier.


3. Gucci Cake Pops

They are beauty. They are grace. They need to be in our stomach right this instance.


4. Ballet Flats Cookies

Cinderella wishes she were lucky enough to wear these slippers to the ball. Maybe if they were on her feet, she wouldn't have lost one of them in the first place.


5. Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez Pudding Parfaits

We couldn't resist showcasing these desserts inspired by one of our fave bestie duos Taylor and Selena. You know you're BFF goals when you're immortalized in a parfait together.


These aren't the only desserts that are mind-blowingly gorgeous. You have to see our fave cookie creations from Insta user @aliciasdelicias HERE.