If You're Obsessed With Food, You'll Relate to These 9 Truths

It's one thing to have a favorite food, a restaurant you dine at three times a week or a knack for whipping up a signature dish in the kitchen—but would you say food (as a whole) is one of your favorite things in life?

There are certain truths that are only relatable to perpetual food-lovers. If you consider yourself one of those people ::raises hand:: then you will relate to the nine truths below!

girl is so happy eating pizza and drinking coffee

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1. You haven't even eaten breakfast yet, and you're already thinking ahead to what you're going to heat up for lunch.

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2. You're pretty shameless when it comes to a restaurant's buffet or a grocery store's salad bar (hi, Whole Foods!) because regardless of who's watching, nothing stops you from snacking on your serving, long before you make it to your table or checkout stand.

girl loads up at a grocery store's buffet

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3. Even at your fullest, you know very well that in an hour, you'll be ready for a whole 'nother meal.

Hungry girl is devouring a burger

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4. Nothing excites you more than sweeping a store for snacks and then taking a nibble out of each package as soon as you unload your groceries at home.

5. No appetite? No problem! Sometimes (okay, lot of the times) you find yourself munching on snacks simply because they are in front of you.

girl goes into her kitchen's refrigerator to munch on some crackers

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6. You most definitely have a favorite late-night eatery. I mean, nothing says perfect nightcap to a Friday evening movie like a midnight snack at Mel's Diner!

7. You've given up on hosting people for dinner because you devour all the food during the cooking process.

8. There's no such thing as strangers when food is involved. You're more than happy to nibble off of anyone's plate.

9. You'd rather stuff yourself silly than allow the waiter to remove your plate of that one remaining spoonful—you're not about to waste a single savory bite!



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