If You Love Snacking, This Is THE Perfect Food Subscription Box for You

Fellow snack enthusiasts, listen up. We have the subscription box just for you.

It's called MunchPak, and it delivers new and popular treats from around the world to your doorstep each month.

Munch Pak boxes

If you're interested in (or just curious about) trying a variety of popular snacks from every culture, scroll below to see what happened when I tested out the food subscription box myself!

How Does it Work?

When I first discovered MunchPak, I loved that they provided an assortment of box sizes that are perfect for just about anyone's needs, and they suckers ship worldwide.

They have three main sizes to select from: MunchPak Mini, MunchPak Original and MunchPak Family.

I wasn't sure what size would suit me best, so I decided to try out all three to see what each box had to offer.

MunchPak Mini: $9.95 a Month

The MunchPak Mini comes with 5-6 snacks. My box included five, mostly sweets like gummies, chocolate dipped biscuits, cookies and mixed nuts.

Mini Munch Pak


MuchPak Original: $19.95 a Month

The original size box comes packed with 10+ snacks. Mine had 12 total, most of which were fruit-themed (not complaining!).

Regular Sized Munch Pak


MunchPak Family Pak: $39.95 a Month

The family pack is by far the largest with 20+ snacks. Mine came with exactly 20… probably too many for just me!

Family Munch Pak

What Exactly Is Inside?

Inside each box, there's a slew of items from around the world.

The first thing you see right when you open the box is a note with the name of the individual who hand-packaged your box—a nice personal touch if you ask me!

At the top of the box there are instructions to download MunchPak's snack scanner, an app that will allow you to scan the barcodes on your food items to learn more about the taste, texture and country of origin. Pretty cool.

Once you download the app and start scanning away, you can actually save your favorite candies so that you can order them all over again.

Out of the 30+ snack items I received, I narrowed my list of favorites down to eight so you could get a sense of what is actually inside the box.

My Favorite Items

MunchPak products

1. Yummy Yummy Savory Sharks—Sweet, sugary gummy from Turkey

2. Gilco Chocolate Pocky—Biscuit stick dipped in chocolate cream from Thailand

3. Sumol Passion Fruit Soda—Sparkling passion fruit beverage from Portugal

4. Double Joy—Strawberry vanilla flavored licorice candy (a bit on the sour side) from Turkey

5. Frac Bi Chocolate Fruittla—Cookies with strawberry and chocolate flavored filling from Chile

6. Chillz Salt & Pepper Potato Sticks—Perfectly seasoned little potato sticks from Pakistan

7. Crayola Sour Neon Gummies—Fruity gummies with a sour punch from Turkey

8. Puchao Melon—Juicy melon candy chews from Japan

Would I Recommend?

Absolutely. If you genuinely love snacking and are looking for a fun, unique way to sample foods from around the world, this is the perfect solution.

If you're unsure whether or not you'll like the products, start out with a MunchPak Mini—you can always upgrade to a bigger size if you find you love this subscription box as much I did.

What are you waiting for, sign up for your first box HERE and get to snackin'!


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