You Won't Believe These Crazy Vending Machines Actually Exist

Attention tech and foodie lovers alike, are you sitting down? Because we have some pretty big news for you.

Last week, Eater made an announcement that will satisfy your taste buds and show you just how future-esque today's world is: America now has its first-ever baguette vending machine.

Yep, that's right, the above baguette ATM is now up and operating in San Francisco, California, thanks to the French company, Le Bread Xpress.

How does it work? Locally prepared, partially baked bread is inserted into the machine (which has a built-in refrigerator and oven) each morning, and is cooked in the machine throughout the day. The baguettes are hot and ready to eat within 20 seconds of when you place your order on the ATM. Pretty incredible, huh?

In honor of the grand-opening of this innovative machine, we're celebrating by highlighting nine other truly ingenious vending machines that we honestly just can't believe are real.


Caviar Vending Machine – Los Angeles, California 

Craving Persian caviar? Some high-end SoCal malls may be able to get you some, stat. Yep, these caviar vending machines are sprinkled throughout the state for those who need a fancy schmancy pick-me-up while shopping. This is gourmet mall food if we've ever seen it.


Bike Repair Vending Machine – Brooklyn, New York

If you're a serious biker, you will seriously appreciate that this vending machine is stocked full of everything you could need while taking a long cruise. Bike parts, patch kits, tools, locks, you name it, this vending machine has it. These should be in every city. 


Salad Vending Machine – Chicago, Illinois

Can you believe that this machine sells fresh salads? You're probably wondering how, huh? The machine is refrigerated (obvi) and the salads are packed tight in recyclable plastic jars. The salad components are layered in a way that keeps the perishable items fresh and tasty! This definitely is the healthiest fast food we've ever heard of.


Socks Vending Machine – Fairfax County, Virginia

Have you ever had the sudden urge to buy a pair of rad new socks? If you have, this is the vending machine for you. This Sock Fancy machine will have your toes looking fashionable in no time.


Shoe Vending Machine – Las Vegas, Nevada

This might be the most ingenious idea ever. If you've ever worn a pair of uncomfortable shoes while shopping, you know just how torturous the experience can be. This Rollasole machine is the ultimate solution. It dispenses comfortable and affordable flats that will finally let you shop until you drop.

Double tap if you will be visiting our Rollasole shoe vending machines this weekend in #Vegas!

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Book Vending Machine – Anaheim, California

Calling all book worms. This book dispensing machine is like something out of a dream. Why wait in line at a bookstore or library, when you can simply snag one from a machine. Pure genius. ????


Benefit Cosmetics Vending Machine – San Jose, California

If you're a Benefit Cosmetics lover you will truly appreciate that this exists. Almost all of the line's best makeup products are in one place. A true miracle if you ask us.

My kind of vending machine #benefitvendingmachine #flybenefit #benefitairportkiosk

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Essie Nail Polish Vending Machine – Houston, Texas

This Essie nail boutique would stop us in our tracks if we stumbled upon it. There's a total of 42 shades of polish in there–just enough to feed or mani-pedi addiction. ????????

Burrito Vending Machine – Los Angeles California

Forget Chipotle! We want a steamin' hot burrito from this cutting-edge machine. This ATM offers four (soon to be five) types of burritos. And–get this–you can even order sides including guac, hot sauce, sour cream and salsa. Yum.

The one and only #burritobox! We encourage everyone in the LA area to try us out! 🙂

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