Dads are notoriously hard to shop for—especially for important holidays like Father’s Day—but if you’ve got a foodie for a dad, it makes the dilemma a whole lot easier to deal with.

That’s because there are some seriously great food-based gifts out there, and who doesn’t love being celebrated with a great meal? Keep scrolling for the best foodie gifts for cooks and food-lovers, from the best meaty treats around to accessories for grilling and sauces to really heat things up.

MeatCrafters Father’s Day Box: $53.99

In our experience, dads love meat, and if yours loves everything from thick-cut bacon to bratwursts and cured sausages, he’ll love everything in MeatCrafters’ Father’s Day Box. Including black pepper bacon, raging brats, half-smoke recipe sausages, chicken basil sausages, chorizo de Pamplona and rosemary lamb salami, it’s got perfectly seasoned offerings for frying and grilling, as well as for enjoying with cheese and crackers when dad doesn’t feel like cooking.

Meat Crafters Father's Day Box

(via MeatCrafters)


Nutcase Chorizo ($5.99), Hot Italian Sausage ($5.99) and Nutty Burger ($5.99)

Whether your dad practices a plant-based diet or is just trying to cut out some of his meat intakes, he’s going to love the amazing flavors offered by Nutcase Vegan Meats, which are all vegan and nut-based, without sacrificing flavor. With their unique, nutty texture, Nutcase products are an awesome substitute for the real deal, with their chorizo, hot Italian sausage and nutty burgers being fast favorites with dads everywhere.

Nutcase Chorizo ($5.99), Hot Italian Sausage ($5.99) and Nutty Burger ($5.99)

(via Nutcase Vegan Meats)


Holy Grail Steak Co. Tajima American Wagyu Burgers ($18) and Wagyu Brisket, Short-Rib Burgers ($18)

If your dad loves grilling up burgers worth bragging about, you have to help him get his hands on Holy Grail Steak Co.’s patties. While they’re available in a number of styles, we have to recommend the patties including marbleized Wagyu beef. These whopping, half-pound burger patties are so rich and juicy thanks to their high-fat content, and come from American-raised, grass-fed cattle, with a buttery, melt-in-your-mouth texture like you’ve never had before.

Holy Grail Steak Co. Tajima American Wagyu Burgers ($18) and Wagyu Brisket, Short-Rib Burgers ($18)

(via Holy Grail Steak Co.)


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SeaBear Ready-for-the-Grill Seasoned Fillet: $45

For the fisherman dad who prefers fresh flavors from the sea, there’s SeaBear. These 1.5 lb. full sides of wild-caught Alaskan salmon arrive frozen and grill-ready, deboned, brushed with olive oil and coated in the right seasonings to let the natural flavor of the salmon shine. They take out all of the hard work so dad can stick to his favorite part—the cooking.

SeaBear Ready-for-the-Grill Seasoned Fillet: $45

(via SeaBear)


Big Shake’s Nashville Hot Chicken Dinner: $99.99

Making fresh fried chicken is a huge hassle, and if that’s not something your family ever does, we don’t blame them—but that doesn’t mean that you all can’t enjoy an awesome, award-winning fried chicken meal in the comfort of your own home. Big Shake’s are the masters of frozen fried chicken, and all it takes is some time in the oven to get chicken that tastes better than any fast food joint can hope to offer. This dinner comes with eight quarters of mixed white and dark fried chicken, two pounds of mac ‘n cheese and two pounds of white beans, serving up to eight people. Even more, it comes in three different heat levels. You can also use the code DadRocks22 to save 25% off everything in their online store.

Big Shake's Nashville Hot Chicken Dinner: $99.99

(via Big Shake’s)


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Fuego Box All-Star Crate Hot Sauce Gift Set: $49.95

For the dad who loves to turn up the heat in their cooking, we highly recommend Fuego Box’s hot sauces—especially their All-Star Hot Sauce Gift Set. While the Secret Aardvark Habanero Hot Sauce is tomatoey and perfect for Mexican food dishes, the Riza Ghost Pepper Verde Hot Sauce adds vinegary punch to anything, and the Fat Cat and the Jersey Barnfire India Summer sauce is like hot honey mustard with spicy sweetness. Our favorites are the Hoff Sauce Southern Stinger Hot Sauce, a hot sauce with a citrusy twist, and the Friendly Fire Guava + Habanero Hot Sauce, which isn’t actually that spicy, but packs a ton of vibrant flavor in every drop. Plus, it all comes in an awesome reusable wooden crate!

Fuego Box All-Star Crate Hot Sauce Gift Set: $49.95

(via Fuego Box)


Umami Cart Father’s Day Grilling Gift Set: $93

For that dad that loves grilling up Asian-inspired meals, we recommend Umami Cart and their Father’s Day Grilling Gift Set. It doesn’t just include the meat in the form of wagyu chuck short rib, but also a medley of delicious organic mushrooms, plus KPOP Honey Glaze Sauce, Samyang Buldak Hot Chicken Flavor Sauce, Momofuku Savory Seasoned Salt and Ebara Yakiniku Mild BBQ Sauce for a variety of delicious flavors he’ll use again and again.

Ummai Cart Father's Day Grilling Gift Set

(via Umami Cart)


Truboy Texas BBQ Sampler: $249.99

Truboy is the brand you need for an authentic Texas barbecue experience, without hopping on a plane to the Lone Star State. This awesome box includes two lbs. of chopped brisket, four lbs. of pulled pork, six lbs. of pork ribs, two lbs. of smoked sausage and a bottle of their delicious, smokey TruBoy BBQ Sauce, and it all comes fully cooked and seasoned and ready to heat to perfection.  It’s enough food to feed up to 15 people but is also great for multiple nights of the best BBQ around with the family.

Truboy Texas BBQ Sampler: $249.99

(via Truboy BBQ)


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Hedley & Bennett Denver Crossback Apron: $95

This amazing apron from Hedley & Bennett is just the thing to help dad do his very best cooking. With its rugged yet stylish golden-brown look, there’s no surprise that this is the brand’s best seller. It looks great while being sturdy and protective, with all kinds of handy pockets, making it a must-have for grillmasters everywhere.

Hedley & Bennett Denver Crossback Apron: $95

(via Hedley & Bennett)


GRILLKILT Grilling Apron: $88+

For the dad who’s looking for something a little different (or who’s super proud of their Scottish or Irish heritage), there’s the GRILLKILT. This protective and unique accessory wraps around the waist and boasts 10 pockets and five loops to accommodate all of his favorite grilling utensils and accessories. It also comes in a dozen colors and has an adjustable belt, making it fit waists from 30 to 60 inches.

GRILLKILT cooking apron



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