11 Foods That Have Sneakily Disguised Themselves As Other Foods

However much you love food, this is a warning that you can't always trust it.

Have you ever bitten into something expecting one particular taste, but then were fooled by a completely different one? It happens, and we have proof.

Scroll below to see 11 times our own food has gone undercover to shock our taste buds. Sneaky sneaky.

1. Taco Cake

This afternoon snack totally had us fooled. Looks like a taco, but tastes like a cake? We're not complaining, though—we'd gladly eat either option.


2. Pineapple Cake

Unless you cut into this bad boy, it'd be pretty darn tricky to tell that there's a delicious cake hiding just under the surface. So stealthy. 


3. Sushi Macarons

These petite sushi macarons are less covert, but still very convincing. How delicious do these look?


4. Avocado Macarons

These treats take the prize for the most alluring. In our opinion, they look just like real avocados, and that's saying something considering we're a little avo-obsessed over here. 


5. Watermelon Bread

Is it bread? Is it a watermelon? We may never know…


6. Pizza Cake

Okay, okay, two of the most delectable foods on the planet morphed into once beautiful creation? We don't really care if this is pizza or if it's cake, we're eating it. 

Nothing like a little pizza for breakfast ????????????

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7. Asparagus Cake

Eating your veggies has never been easier with this asparagus cake.

Asparagus Cake #birthdaycake #asparaguscake #torontocustomcakes #toronto #mississauga #the6ix #bakeninja

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8. Corn on the Cob Cupcakes

Set these next to actual corn on the cob and let's see if you can really even distinguish the two. Twins. 


9. Tomato Macarons

These dainty little macarons fool us into thinking they're actually farm fresh tomatoes.


10. Spaghetti Cupcakes

Mamma mia. Have you ever seen such a sight? Whoever baked these treats must be a real fan of Italian food. 


11. Burger Cupcake

And finally, we have this cupcake that has completely duped us into believing was one juicy burger. You can't get much more sly than this guy.


Now that we've presented you with a slew of sneaky treats, are you feeling a little hungry? Well, jump right in the kitchen and start making THESE delicious and super easy no-bake cakes!