Eat These 13 Foods for Long, Healthy Hair

What if we told you you could eat your way to stronger hair?

We don't know about you guys, but we're down for just about anything that involves eating. So the idea that we can enjoy a delicious dinner and grow stronger, longer, healthier hair at the same time sounds like a dream! Diet plays a huge role in the health of your hair, skin and nails.

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Sometimes we forget that our bodies live off of the foods we ingest, so you've got to eat clean in order to get the long hair you've always wanted. This is why a poor diet consisting of junk food can give you crappy hair and a face full of pimples. Below are 13 yummy, healthy foods to incorporate into your diet for long, strong, healthy hair!


Scrambled, fried, or over easy, this breakfast star is one of the best foods for healthy hair. Eggs are full of protein and a B-vitamin called biotin. If you don't have time for full on eggs benny before school, add an egg to a salad, a turkey burger or anything else you're snacking on. And if you really want to go wild, use an egg as a DIY hair mask, too.


Cinnamon on Everything

Cinnamon is the new turmeric. It's a great anti-inflammatory, helps to balance your blood sugar and helps to stimulate blood flow which will make your hair grow faster. Plus, it's super delish. Try sprinkling it over oatmeal, on your latte, in a smoothie or even on top of a lean protein.

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Almonds are full of healthy fats, magnesium and vitamin D that help guard against hair loss. These low-key nuts are an easy midday snack. 


Sweet Potato Fries

Yes, eating fries can help you get stronger hair! The only catch, they have to be sweet potato. Sweet potatoes are full of beta-carotene, the same vitamins found in carrots that stimulate cell growth in your eyes. Eating beta carotene and sweet potatoes can ward off dandruff!



Sushi, anyone? Salmon helps make your silky strands shiny and lush. Salmon is full of protein and omegas, two components that give your hair that extra sheen and bounce. Scramble some salmon with some eggs and spinach for the ultimate hair happy breakfast!



Lentils are a wonderful source of protein and iron for vegetarians and they are full of B vitamins, potassium and magnesium, which are all essential vitamins for hair growth.


Greek Yogurt


Grass-Fed Red Meat

Isn't this the best list ever? We're all about living life and enjoying a burger. However, most meat is full of hormones that will affect your hair. Grass-fed meat is generally cleaner, leaner and richer in omega-3s.


Dark Chocolate

Doesn't this list keep getting better and better? Raw dark chocolate is full of copper, zinc and iron. These minerals are vital for shiny hair, plus the stimulating power of chocolate increases blood flow and hair growth. Go raw if you want to avoid the added sugar found in most chocolate bars that leads to dry hair. Shave some raw chocolate onto a coffee drink or eat a couple of squares for an afternoon snack.

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Okay, this one was obvious, but it's too good not to include. Coconuts and coconut oil are extremely nourishing for the inside of your body and for your hair and skin. Coconuts are full of healthy fats, minerals and vitamins that strengthen your hair and add shine. It's basically a miracle worker!

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What isn't avocado good for? Avocado is full of an antioxidant called alpha-tocopherol that fights against free radicals. These free radicals can dull and stress out your hair. It also has copper, which helps to build collagen and elastin in the body, especially the skin that holds hair follicles. So don't feel bad about doubling up on the guac!


Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are basically little miracle workers. They are high in Omega-3s, which are important for shiny, soft hair. These seeds are a rich source of vitamins A, E and K, as well as zinc and biotin. They are also chock-full of cucurbitin, a unique amino that is responsible for its effect on hair growth.



These juicy berries are packed full of vitamins A, C and E, which increase collagen stimulation and oxygenation of the body, and result in hair growth. 


And while we're talking about long, healthy hair, try one of THESE DIY hair masks tonight!