Things You Can Do With Seitan, TikTok's Famous Flour-Based Fake Chicken

If you've scrolled your your FYP on TikTok in the last month, there's a good chance you've come across at least one video of someone making "chicken" out of just flour and water.

The process, which involves kneading and rinsing your dough until the starch runs off, creates a vegan protein that, by some food science miracle, flakes the same way chicken does. The taste and texture may not be identical (as in, it might not necessarily fool meat devotees who scoff at the idea of an Impossible burger) but those who love seitan swear that it's more than close enough to be delicious.

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For those who want to eat less meat, seitan can be a great swap for the meat in some of your favorite dishes. Here are some things you can make after you've tried this TikTok famous recipe.

Broccoli 'Beef'

If you love Chinese takeout, try making the iconic broccoli beef dish at home by replacing the beef with strips of seitan. Check out the recipe from Yup Its Vegan, which douses its seitan in a combo of soy sauce, coconut sugar, chili flakes, grated ginger, and garlic for that classic taste—minus the cow.


Meatless Meatballs

Sure, you can make a vegetarian meatball substitute out of beans, but if you want something that is a closer mimic of the real thing, just swap out your meat of preference with seitan. Throw these meat-free balls into a hearty tomato sauce and you may even fool your friends.


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Seitan Kabobs

Sometimes you want your vegetarian meat substitute with a side of veggies. Throw some pieces of seitan on a skewer with zucchini, bell peppers and squash, and toss it on a grill. It's both easy and mess-free!


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Seitan Hotdogs

This recipe from Fat Free Vegan may seem intimidating, but the blogger swears it's a breeze. One surprising addition? Oats!


'Chicken' Nuggets

If you crave the days of the McDonald's drive-thru, these seitan-based nuggets from Plantifully Based will make you forget all about fast food. Bite into them and you won't even notice that these aren'made of meat.


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Homemade Lunch Meat

If you love a bologna sandwich, you may be wondering if you will ever find the same texture in faux meat products. Shockingly, the process to make your own at home is simple, according to the Sweet Simple Vegan. You can make your sandwich completely plant-based by swapping in egg-free mayo or mustard for your standard condiments.


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