Forbes Names Miley Cyrus As One Of The Top Payed Celebs

If you ask most people who the richest celebrity is, chances are Oprah will be muttered 9 out of 10 times, but what about the 19 peoples' fortunes who fell under hers in 2010? Luckily you don't have to think too hard because Forbes just published their 20 top-earning celebrities of 2010 list, and some of your favorite celebrities have made their way on it.

Miley Cyrus landed at #18 with an annual earning of $48million. Taylor Swift fell 'close' behind at #19, grossing an estimated $45million, and Lady Gaga landed respectively at #14, breaking $62million. No surprise here: Oprah Winfrey reigned at #1 bringing in a more-than-whopping $513 million!

Congrats Ladies- sounds like you all had a fabulous year!