THIS Small Facial-Cleansing Brush Has Made My Skincare Routine Much More Manageable

Taking care of my skin is not my strongest suit.

I try to wash my face every morning and night, but I generally just end up purifying my complexion with a cleanser in the evening a couple times a week for less than 10 seconds. Heck, sometimes I just splash my face with a little bit of water, pat it dry and call it day. Not a great skincare routine, I know.

Plenty of my friends have suggested I purchase a facial-cleansing brush to make this process a little bit easier, but I never took their advice—whoops!

Then one day while waiting in the checkout line of Sephora, I spotted Foreo's Luna Play.

Purple and Blue Luna Plays on a white table

Being so small and vibrant, it immediately caught my eye. When I discovered that it's a facial-cleansing brush, I was shocked. How could something this little possibly clean my face?

Obviously I had to purchase one of these $39 gadgets—okay, two for good measure—in order to properly test this bad boy out. Here's how that went!

First, we have to talk about how tiny this facial cleanser is. It makes my face wash look like a giant when they're next to each other.

Fore's Luna Play in front of Clean & Clear's Acne Triple Clear Cleanser

Using the small tool is really quite simple, too. All I have to do is apply my cleanser, wet the Luna Play, move the device in a small circular motion on my face for one minute, rinse my face and then pat dry. That's it!

While I was massaging it across my face, I could really feel its bristles being put to good use. It wasn't too rough on my skin like other facial cleansers, but it wasn't overly soft, as if it wasn't doing its job.

Knowing that I only have to use it for a minute and it removes tons of the dirt and oil buried deep within my pores is absolutely amazing. I for sure don't get this deep of a clean when I wash my face using just my hands.

Girl washing face with Foreo's Luna Play in blue

While I now have a newfound appreciation for the Luna Play, this product does have a flaw.

Unlike other facial cleansers, this little guy doesn't recharge—whomp, whomp. Once it dies on you, that's it. Say it ain't so!

Thankfully my Luna Play is still alive and pulsating, so I'll be sure to make good use of it while I still can. And because I bought two, I know have a backup—heck yeah!

I'm pretty confident I'll have the smoothest, softest skin in no time.


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