The New Forever 21 and Everlast Collab Is Finally Here

When we heard that Forever 21 and Everlast were doing a collection together, we were so excited to see what they had in store for us.

Featuring athletes Mia Kang and Tais Sa, this iconic collab was made for your inner female fighter. Available in women's, plus-sizes and kids' sizes, there's something for every girl out there! Whether you want to chill at home or go on a run, you'll be able to find something that suits your wants and needs. Look below to see what items we're adding to our shopping carts.

Active Everlast Windbreaker Jacket and Pants: $34.99 and $29.99

Is there anything cuter than an all-white suit? We think not. And this one in the form of windbreaker material is right up our alleys. The cropped jacket features the everlast logo on the sleeve of the arm in contrasting black, while the pants feature the logo along the side of a leg. We're loving the way the black and white work together. Wear it while you're lounging around the house or even when you need to go on errands. Our favorite part about this suit has to be the fit—from a high-waist to a cropped jacket, it's got everything we love in one package.


(via Forever 21)


Seamless Everlast Sports Bra: $19.99

Even though we're not the biggest fans of working out in one-shoulder sports bras (the support is just not there), we do love to wear them in our everyday lives. After all, they're so cute! And this one is no exception. Featuring the Everlast logo splayed out across the whole front of the bra, this seamless piece will feel super comfy across your chest. It lifts and sculpts and would look amazing paired with your favorite sweats, leggings or even vintage jeans, as pictured below!


(via Forever 21)


Active Everlast Cropped Hoodie and Graphic Shorts: $24.99 and $17.99

Here at Sweety High, we're total suckers for pink, and when we saw this set we knew we needed to have it! The ultra-cropped hoodie is perfect for working out in and features a raw-cut hem. With a drawstring and hoodie, it's stylish and easy to wear. Plus, it looks perfect paired with the graphic shorts. Featuring an elasticized waistband, pockets and the Everlast logo, this set is a must.


(via Forever 21)


Embroidered Everlast Baseball Cap: $12.99

We've never met a baseball cap we didn't like! And if you're a fan of Everlast, we highly suggest getting your hands on this baby. It fits just like your favorite baseball cap and has that perfectly worn-in look that typically takes years to achieve. Whether you're having a bad hair day or want to block your eyes from the sun, this hat is just what you need. It'll stay put when you go on a run and fits so good you'll forget you're even wearing it!


(via Forever 21)


Active Everlast Sleeveless Hoodie and Embroidered Sweatpants: $19.99 and $29.99

Last on our wish list from the Forever 21 and Everlast collection is this adorable set. Coming in a heather grey hue, it's perfect for those days you want to sit around at home or even go on a jog and get your sweat on. We're obsessing over the sleeveless hoodie—it's giving us all the vibes and we would honestly wear it all the time. Rock it with a long sleeve during the winter and on its own during the warmer months! And when it comes to the sweats, the drawstring waistband and straight leg will never go out of style.


(via Forever 21)


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