Emery, Ricky & Liam Of Forever In Your Mind: Christmas Favs!

To celebrate this week's release of Forever In Your Mind's new song, "Naughty List," the band answered some questions about Christmas traditions and much more! Check out all of the band's answers below and join our community at Sweety High!forever in your mind christmas questions

What are some of your favorite holiday traditions?

Emery: My favorite holiday tradition is to hang with friends and family, sit by the fire, and listen to fun upbeat Christmas music with everyone. We also do this thing where we all eat fish, and as you know I hate fish, but I will be an adult and try it this Christmas Eve.

Liam: My favorite tradition is singing Christmas carols with my family and playing games with them. 

Ricky: Me and my family always open up one present on Christmas Eve, and watch movies, so that's pretty fun.

What's the #1 thing on your Christmas list?

Emery: Rocket boots. That is all I need to say. End of story.

Liam: I would love to get a Taylor T5 hollowbody guitar. It's so nice and I love the sound. 

Ricky: Lol. A PS4! I LOVE gaming!forever in your mind christmas

What are your favorite Christmas songs?

Emery: "Naughty List", "All I want for Christmas Is You", "White Christmas" and "Let It Snow."

Ricky: Some of my favorite classic Christmas tracks are "Mary Did You Know," Josh Groban's "Believe" and his version of "O' Holy Night."

Liam: "Frosty the Snowman," "Silent Night," and "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town."

Any last words?

Emery: We LOVE all our fans. No, they're not fans, they are family and we love all of you. Stay strong minders… Also I'm very hungry and would like rocket boots.

Liam: Yes, I would like to thank our fans for the amazing support they give because without them we wouldn't be able to do all these amazing things

Ricky: To all our minders have a happy holiday and don't forget to buy our single!

You can buy the single here! Happy holidays, minders!