Forever In Your Mind Dish On Their Holiday Single, Naughty List!

With the holidays just around the corner, Forever In Your Mind have just released their new track, "Naughty List"! Emery Kelly, Liam Attridge and Ricky Garcia spoke with us all about the new track and all things Christmas in a new interview!forever in your mind naughty list single

"When we were in the studio, we were trying to make a Christmas song that would be something no one else had heard," Emery explained. 

The band thought it would be interesting to look at Christmas from an entirely different perspective. They thought back to when they were kids and their parents would warn them that Santa wouldn't visit if they were naughty.

"As far as we know, there are no songs about the naughty list," Liam said.

The new song explores the idea of Santa's naughty list in a way we've never heard before! We asked the guys if they would be on Santa's naughty or nice lists!

"I would be on both lists because I think you need to have fun in your life and experience things," Emery said. "Just make sure you're being safe while you're doing it."

Liam said that his caring nature would earn him a spot on the nice list, while Ricky's answer was pragmatic.

Please credit: Photographer: Ben Miller Styling: Franzy Staedter Grooming: Cat White
Photographer: Ben Miller
Styling: Franzy Staedter
Grooming: Cat White

"Probably the nice list," Ricky answered. "I still want to get presents! Know what I'm sayin?"

It's been quite an exciting time for Forever In Your Mind. In addition to releasing their new single this week, the band also recently attended the 2014 American Music Awards!

"It was I dream come true," Liam said. "I never imagined in my life that I'd go there so it felt so surreal."

The guys said the experience allowed to meet some extremely talented and influential people. Liam said it was a surreal experience to see all of the incredible acts, including One Direction, Taylor Swift and 5 Seconds Of Summer, perform!

Be sure to check out "Naughty List" on iTunes here! Stay tuned for another holiday-themed interview with the band, check out more FIYM news below and join our community at Sweety High!