15 Memes That'll Only Make Sense If You Play Too Much Fortnite

Sometimes, a meme is the only way to express a powerful emotion—and we feel a lot of those when we're playing Fortnite.

Keep scrolling for memes that'll perfectly sum up how you feel every time you boot up the game.

SpongeBob did everything first:


So close to Victory Royale, yet so far:

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You'll be missed (and thanks for the stuff):


They're the real MVP:


Few moments are scarier:

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This is true love:


Sometimes, you have to be ruthless to get ahead:


R.I.P., me:


Dying early is like time-out:


Maybe if you just hide, everyone else will take each other out:


While we're still over here in our default skin…

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Golf carts > shopping carts:


But we want to play now!


There's just no stopping a John Wick:

This game is making us dizzy:


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