Have you heard? Foster the People is back with not one, but three new songs.

We’ve been following this band since we first heard “Pumped Up Kicks,” so we couldn’t be more stoked for the release of these tunes—especially because that means a new album is on its way.

Listen to their new music, plus an additional few tunes we’re loving, below.

“S.H.C.” by Foster the People

While every single one of the news songs this band released is spectacular in their own way, “S.H.C.” takes the cake as our fave. Kicked off with upbeat instruments, this tune instantly got us moving and grooving. As with most FTP songs, the lyrics are nothing short of inspirational.


2. “Middle of the Night” by The Vamps feat. Martin Jensen

We’re getting major Justin Bieber vibes from The Vamps‘ latest single, which is in no way a bad thing. It’s a little bit moodier and mysterious with its instrumentals, unlike the more poppy tunes we’re used to hearing from these guys.


3. “Paper Love” by Allie X

Synth pop artist Allie X has once again produced a song that we relate to a little too well. Her softly chilling vocals laid over the darker, heavier instrumentals really make this jam that much more powerful.


4. “Old Friends” by Jasmine Thompson

We go way back with Jasmine Thompson. We’ve been watching this girl since she first started posting covers on YouTube, and it’s insane to see how far she’s come. Her heartfelt new single “Old Friends” will leave you wanting to give your besties a big bear hug. We feel this one hard.


5. “Dandelions” by Ruth B.

Oh, Ruth B. This singer-songwriter has a way with words that no other artist can quite match. Though her tone may be simple, it is beyond mighty. All the evidence you need is in her new song “Dandelions.” It’s a love song for the ages, we’ll tell you that much.


Have these tunes at your fingertips by following the Spotify playlist below:


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