Everything You Should Know About Wonder Actress Izabela Vidovic

We're huge fans of The Fosters on Freeform, so you can imagine our excitement over this week's #WCW!

We got to know Izabela Vidovic and found out just why she's truly so amazing. Find out everything you should know below.


(Photo Credit: Ramona Rosales)

Name: Izabela Vidovic

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Birthday: May 27

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Fun Facts:

1. The movie that impacted her most was Pan's Labyrinth. "I watched it at a young age and fell completely in love with its brilliance," Izabela tells Sweety High. "It changed my perspective on cinema."

2. She is a huge music fan. Currently, she has "Vanity" by Highly Suspect stuck in her head. "I'm obsessed with them," she gushes.

3. Her fave animal is a bear because "they're so cute and have been known to represent wisdom and courage."

4. For nail polish, she loves a solid red because it's classic and bold.

5. Purple is her favorite color and she obviously knows how to rock it. "The color has always held a special significance to me because I grew up listening to Prince, and 'Purple Rain' is one of my favorite songs." ????

Thank you for having me last night @variety #POYH ????????

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6. Coffee is her addiction and she will take an old fashioned latte any time, any day.

7. She's all about spreading kindness and putting an end to bullying. Her best fan encounter was with someone who was moved by a short film she did on the prevention of it. "He was a victim of bullying and found the short to be really inspiring and reflective of his own feelings," she shares. "That was incredibly humbling and gratifying to hear."

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