Need a Sweet Pick-Me-Up for Back-to-School? Foxtrot Makes THE Best Curated Treat Baskets

After a long and laidback summer, getting back into the swing of things for the back-to-school season isn't always easy.

Do you know what gets me through a tough day? A sweet pick-me-up in the form of something chocolatey or fruity usually does the trick, and I don't know of a brand putting together curated foodie baskets quite like Foxtrot. The team behind the brand was generous enough to send me a box of their goodies, with a couple of extra treats packed in, and I can say I'm an instant fan.

The Brand

Foxtrot is a unique brand designed to deliver super modern culinary experiences, and while I reviewed their Foxtrot Anywhere service, if you live in Chicago, Dallas or Washington, D.C. they also offer fresh meals, snacks, ice cream and more that can be delivered in under an hour.

Foxtrot Chocolate lovers box lifestyle

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Foxtrot Anywhere offers both treats and mixes crafted by hand from Foxtrot and gift boxes curated by the brand, including everything from foodie boxes to themed gift boxes and gifts for lovers of coffee, chocolate, sour gummies and so much more. Their bagged mixes contain carefully chosen treats that work perfectly together and even come with custom stickers that represent what's inside. Foxtrot kindly sent me their Chocolate Lovers box ($50) with a couple of options from their The Full Gummy box ($50) for my review.

Foxtrot chocolate lovers box aerial

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The Basket

S'more What?

With so many awesome chocolatey options to dig into, I got straight into the package that tempted me most—the S'more What mix. With ingredients designed to channel the deliciousness of s'mores, it contains chocolate-coated marshmallows, mini graham crackers coated in rich dark chocolate, yogurt-covered mini pretzels and chocolate-covered sea salt caramel popcorn for the full effect. This bag is rich and delicious from the first bite to the last, with the chocolate-coated crackers and marshmallows being a standout. My family managed to eat through this bag in just a couple of delicious days.

Foxtrot s'more what mix

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PB Amore

As a dedicated peanut butter lover, I was especially excited for this bag, and I was right to be. The stars of this bag are the decadent salted peanut butter cups and the crispy, sweet peanut brittle, complemented by peanut butter-coated pretzels, peanut butter malt balls and peanut butter cookie dough bites. Definitely avoid if you have a peanut allergy. Otherwise, go to town on these tempting treats.

Foxtrot Pb amore mix

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Cookie Monster

The last chocolate mix in the bag was called Cookie Monster, and like the name implies, it's all bout capturing the deliciousness of cookies in all forms. It's a mix of chocolate-covered cookie dough bites, Cookie Crisp cereal pieces, Cookie Monster-inspired blue M&M's and mini sandwich cookies with a layer of salted caramel that are then dipped in chocolate. This is probably the more indulgent of the three chocolate mixes, so it took us a little longer to get through it, but it was worth every bite.

Foxtrot Cookie monster mix

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Triple Chocolate Brownie

I'm always wary of pre-packaged brownies because they tend to be dry and flaky, but you don't have to worry about that for a moment with Foxtrot's brownies. This gooey and delicious tripe chocolate brownie has layers of chocolate chip cookie, chocolatey brownie batter and caramel, with chocolate chips embedded throughout, and it's sure to satisfy even the most pressing chocolate craving.

foxtrot triple chocolate brownie

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Some'More Wafer Cookie

As much as I adore wafer cookies, I don't indulge in them all that often, so these Some'More Wafer Cookies were a particularly special treat. These homemade snacks are also s'mores themed, with crispy wafers flavored with cinnamon and molasses, plus marshmallow fluff and a milk chocolate coating to complete the experience. The texture and flavor were both marvelous, and once they were finished, I was wishing there were more than two in the box!

Foxtrot some'more wafer cookie

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Chocolate Chip N' Fluff Creme Pie

The final item in the Chocolate Lovers box was the Chocolate Chip N' Fluff Creme Pie, an ultra chocolate homemade sandwich cookie with a  fluffy marshmallow center and delicious chocolate-rich cookies to round it out. This one is super rich (we're still working on finishing it!) but in the best way. It's another one for s'mores lovers everywhere.

foxtrot chocolate chip n fluff creme pie

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Blue in the Face: $6

Next, it was time to finally get into the gummy mixes. This Blue in the Face mix is all about strong, sour flavors, blending "soda" flavors in the form of pink and blue fizzy rolls and fruit soda gummies with berry blue sour belts and gummy sharks to create a ton of sour kick. These tasty flavors complement each other so well, and we think the adorable color scheme makes them somehow even more delectable.

Foxtrot blue in the face gummy mix

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Berries & Bubbly: $6

And last, but definitely not least, is the Berries & Bubbly mix, with flavors chosen to replicate the effect of strawberries and champagne. To achieve this, they combine juicy strawberry rolls, sweet gummy strawberries, tart Prosecco-flavored gummy bears, crunchy gummy champagne bubbles and layered strawberry vanilla drops. The combination of different textures and sweet mixed with sour works beautifully here, and everything is tied together with a deliciously fruity finish.

Foxtrot Berries & bubbly

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Bottom Line

Foxtrot's highly curated gift boxes are sure to satisfy tastebuds and excite any lovers of chocolate, gummy candy and more, and I couldn't be happier with them. While the $50 price tag for each box may look high at first, it's a decent price for the level of curation involved, as well as considering how much you'd pay for the same items at a bakery, or at candy stores where you choose your own mixtures of candies and pay by the pound. They make amazing gifts for friends and loved ones, or yourself, and once you try them, you'll definitely be coming back for more.


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