My Hair Needed Help, So I Tried FoxyBae's Straightening Brush

I have extremely thick, coarse, curly hair—which, overall, is better than the alternative, but my mane certainly comes with its challenges.


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You see, once my hair is all done up, it looks fantastic. With plenty of bounce and body, I can keep the same hairstyle going for days and still manage to look fresh out of a salon—but getting my hair that point is quite the process.

I tend to go as long as I possibly can without washing my hair because I know that everything following that cleansing rinse is going to take hours out of whatever else I could be doing. It starts with a partial air dry, followed by a lengthy blow dry (which I'm never able to master anyway), followed by a good hour or so with a 350-degree flatiron. And then, should I decide to curl my hair, that's some additional time.

All that said, you can imagine my excitement (and curiosity) when I stumbled upon FoxyBae's Rose Gold Straightening Brush during a recent online browse. Could this heated brush be the key to all my frizzy-haired hang-ups?

I reached out to FoxyBae and requested the Straightening Brush for review. They happily obliged, and, as soon as I received it, I rushed home to give it a whirl.

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I was immediately impressed by how quickly it heated up. I then got to brushing. I was fresh from a full-headed air-dry, so my mane was clean—and untouched by a blow-dryer or any other tool that would alter my hair's all-natural state.

foxybae-curly-hair-straightener-review-112717(Before using FoxyBae's Rose Gold Straightening Brush)

The brushing process was completely painless (both in the hair-pulling and tangled sense, and also in the heat sense). Unless you put your hand directly on top of the brush's bristles, there's no reason for this product to burn any part of your body.

I took the brush on multiple rounds through my hair, and after about 20 minutes, and not seeing any further noticeable change, I decided this is where I'd measure my progress. I must say, my hair looked significantly straighter than it had when I began (and without broken strands lying all over my bathroom floor). Was it stick straight? No. But could I leave the house with this look? Yes.

Here's my overall take: While I don't think the brush alone can fully take the place of a flatiron, it's a great accompaniment for the tool, as it cuts off a huge chunk of time it would take for a full flatiron sesh—and it takes far less of a toll on your locks. There's no pulling, which is great!

Once my time with the brush was complete, I busted out my flatiron for 20 minutes and proceeded to smooth through the parts that were remained wavier than I like. With the help of the heated brush, my overall straightening process was far less tedious than usual. I spoke to a friend with much thinner hair than me, and she said FoxyBae's product made her hair stick straight (so, something to note for girls with thinner hair).

After about 40 minutes total, I achieved my desired straightness using both tools, as seen in my photo below (I'm on the left).

foxybae-hair-straightening-brush-straight-hair-112717(After using FoxyBae's Rose Gold Straightening Brush, plus a flatiron)

Interested in trying Foxybae's Rose Gold Straightening Brush? You can purchase it on FoxyBae's site for $149.95.


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