I Scored THE Best Freebies on My Birthday and Here's How You Can, Too

The night before my birthday I'm unable to sleep thanks to a whirlwind of emotions. I'm anxious, I'm excited and I'm giddy about a day dedicated to me.

To celebrate my big day this year, I decided I'd treat myself without breaking the bank.

The week leading up to my birthday, I signed up for the reward programs of every food and retail store that offers up birthday freebies. I then selected my fave offers and mapped out my birthday schedule according to where I could receive these complimentary gifts.

Scroll below to see my top five birthday handouts, and how you can sign up to receive them on your big day, too!

Morning Coffee at Starbucks

Even though I'm a Starbucks fanatic, I've never picked up a free beverage at this coffee chain on my birthday.

This year, I vowed not to let this freebie go to waste, so I made sure I was signed up for the Starbucks Reward Program HERE.

The morning of my big day, I hustled down to my nearest Starbs, scanned my Starbucks Reward Program card and moments later was handed a complimentary iced coffee.

Great start to the day.

Brittney holding a free Starbucks on her birthday


Breakfast at iHop

Because birthdays can be quite exhausting, I decided to make a stop at iHop on the way to work in order to claim my free (and delicious) breakfast pancakes.

All I had to do to redeem this awesome treat was sign up for their Pancake Revolution.

When I arrived at iHop, they explained that I was eligible to receive any meal on their menu that was equivalent to the price of their Rooty Tooty Fresh 'N Fruity Pancakes. I opted for their Harvest Grain 'N Nuts Pancakes.

Believe it or not, they even let me place the order to go!

Brittney holding her free iHop


Quick Detour at Sephora

Full from my hearty meal, I headed on over to my local Sephora for a quick shopping break.

Because I'm a member of their Beauty Insider club (which you can sign up for HERE), I was able to pick up a birthday gift.

Lucky for me, one of the gift options was a sample size of my fave Tarte blush and lipgloss.

I mean, who doesn't want a free beauty gift on their birthday?!

Brittney holding free Sephora bag on her birthday


Snack Break at Pinkberry

To round out my day, I knew I had to stop at my preferred frozen yogurt joint, Pinkberry.

Thanks to my Pinkberry loyal card (you can learn how to sign up HERE), I knew I was eligible to receive a small frozen yogurt with all the toppings my heart desired.

I went for their chocolate hazelnut flavor and added strawberries and mochi for fun!

When I went to check out at the cash register, the employee asked when my actual birthday was. When I told him it was that day, he decided to give me the froyo without using my b-day points.

It's safe to say I felt completely spoiled (and excited that I could redeem another free frozen yogurt on a later date).

Brittney holding her free Pinkberry on her birthday


End of Weekend Treat at La Grande Orange

As birthday's go, the rest of my day was completely chaotic and wonderful. I wasn't able to redeem any more freebies on my actual birthday, but luckily some places have a grace period of up to a week or even a month to grab your complimentary gift.

Two days after my birthday, I visited one of my all-time favorite restaurants, La Grande Orange in Pasadena, California, and told them it was my b-day weekend.

They comped a dessert of my choice!

Lesson being: Don't be afraid to ask whatever restaurant you may attend on your birthday what specials they offer on your big day. You may get a free dessert or discounted meal. ????

Brittney holding free Red Velvet Cake on her birthday

Overall, it was a great and inexpensive day. If you're looking for a cheap, delicious and fun way to spend your birthday, I highly reccommend you check out what freebies you can score in your area, too! Free is always a good thing.


If your birthday is just around the corner don't worry, we've already rounded up a list of some freebies we think you might enjoy HERE!