Did You Know You Can Get All These FREE Things on Your Birthday?

Your birthday is a very special day. It's all about you, after all.

We're here to make sure that this year you take full advantage of your day by celebrating with these 17 gifts and goodies that you can get absolutely free. Yep, free.

Scroll below and let the party begin. ????

A&W All American Food

Sweet tooth: Satisfied. ✅

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What you get: A free (and not to mention very tasty) root beer float.

How you get it: Join their Mug Club HERE.


AMF Bowling

Who knew bowling shoes could be so trendy? @alyssawasko makes it look easy! #StrikeItUp

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What you get: A free game!

How you get it: Sign up for their Pinsiders Club HERE and you'll get a free game on your birthday, $20 off your next visit, awesome coupons and special event invites.


Baskin Robbins

Longer days = more scoops. #DaylightSavings

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What you get: A 2.5oz scoop of free ice cream and $3.00 off an ice cream cake. Yum. ????

How you get it: Join their email birthday club HERE.



Here's to all the romantic moments at Benihana with her by your side. #WifeAppreciationDay

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What you get: A $30 gift certificate to the restaurant. Whoa, big bucks!

How you get it: Sign up for The Chef's Table newsletter.


California Pizza Kitchen

What you get: A free dessert anytime during your entire birthday month. This is awesome because even if you can't make it to the restaurant the day of your actual birthday, you can redeem it later in the month.

How you get it: Sign up for their Pizza Dough Rewards HERE.



Bacon to the third power. #bacon #math

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What you get: A Grand Slam meal (two fluffy pancakes, two eggs, two bacon strips and two sausage links). A very hearty b-day breakfast! ????

How you get it: Just present your I.D. Easy, peasy.



What you get: A free blu-ray movie. Pretty awesome, huh!?

How you get it: Just register for Disney Movie Awards HERE.


Dunkin' Donuts

What you get: A free beverage of your choice. Iced latte, anyone?

How you get it: Sign up for their DD Perks Reward Program HERE.



Not your average pancakes.

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What you get: A totally free b-day meal. Treat 'yo self to those red velvet pancakes, we dare you.

How you get it: Become a member of their Pancake Revolution program.


Krispy Kreme

Sundays are made for #sprinkles

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What you get: A free donut and a piping hot cup of coffee.

How you get it: Join their eClub HERE. Donut wait! Do it now.


Red Box

Have you ever seen anything so beautiful? #HowDoYouRedbox #Redbox #Regram

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What you get: A free one-night rental, perfect for your epic birthday sleepover.

How you get it: Sign up for Play Pass here.


Red Robin

What you get: A massive (and oh so free) burger.

How you get it: Join the Red Robin Royalty club HERE.



What you get: A slice of pizza. What could be better? ????

How you get it: Join their Slice Society club HERE.



What you get: A surprise complimentary gift.

How you get it: Sign up for Sephora Beauty Insiders HERE.



What you get: A delightfully free cupcake.

How you get it: Sign up for their Sprinkles Perk program HERE.



Pink on pink on pink, topped with blackberries and orange slices. ???????? #BerrySangria Regram: @pawchan31

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What you get: A free drink or treat. A PSL is calling your name!

How you get it: Simply join their rewards club HERE.



What you get: Bonus Ulta points on all your purchases during your birthday month plus a free beauty gift.

How you get it: Sign up for Ultamate Rewards HERE.


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