15 Cute Quotes About French Bulldogs to Use as Instagram Captions

We're not exaggerating when we say that French bulldogs may be the cutest dogs on the planet—and our proof is on Instagram.

Frenchies seem to be dominating our feeds these days, but we'never complain about that. With their squished snouts and happy demeanors, they're definitely some of the most photogenic dogs on the app. Chances are, if you're here, you're looking to add even more sweet pics to the mix. That's why we've put together the cutest quotes about French bulldogs—and precisely how to use them as Instagram captions.

For speaking French to introduce your Frenchie:

"Le bouledogue Français."


For when your pup's being a menace:

"Pardon my French (bulldog)."


For ensuring your dog is well hydrated:

"Frenchies need quenching."

Shutterstock: French bulldog posing outside in green background. Purebreed bulldog standing

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For when you're pretending your joyous Frenchie has an accent:

"Hon hon hon."


For describing your little buddy:

"Short of snout and big of heart."


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For when you're snacking on french fries next to your favorite pet:

"I like my fries like I like by pups."

Shutterstock: Cute black and white french bulldog sits and looks straight in the camera on the yellow autumn leafs during beautiful autumn day.

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For the quick vid of your dog making all kinds of noise:

"When he snorts, it means he likes you."


For when your Frenchie does wonders for your wellness:

"Meet my therapist."


For when you can't believe the smells that come out of your tiny French bulldog:

"Big stinks come in small packages."

Shutterstock: Portrait of Black French Bulldog on black background

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For when your dog refuses to budge from their napping place:

"Stubborn as a bull."


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For when the dog's in charge, and they're not afraid to let anyone know it:

"King of the château."


For the pic of your bulldog slobbering all over your face:

"French kiss."

Shutterstock: French bulldog sitting on couch - horizontal

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For the shot of your dog and all of its expensive toys and accessories:

"I work hard so I can spoil my Frenchie."


For when your pup's chowing down:

"Bon appétit."


For when you love your Frenchie with your whole heart:

"No bull—I'm in love."


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