FRENSHIP Let It All Go in Their New Single, 'Cry'

If you ever find it therapeutic to have a good cry and just let it all out, you'll definitely relate to FRENSHIP's vibey new single, "Cry."

The indie pop-duo consists of James Sunderland and Brett Hite, and the new song is a danceable, upbeat pop track infused with '80s-inspired pop synths. "Cry" reminds us all that it's not just okay to cry—it can actually be just what you need to finally see the bigger picture. We got the chance to chat with the duo to learn all about the track, its lyrics and what inspired it, and here's what they shared with us.

The Story Behind 'Cry'

James Sunderland: We started the song in a Zoom session with our producer friend Thomas Michel, aka "Hazey Eyes," a year or so ago. Like all Zoom sessions, we tried to keep it short and sweet and get the idea out quickly. And this one came out super fast. Brett bought the initial idea—before the session, Brett stubbed his toes climbing up the stairs at his house and it brought him to tears. It was just the final piece to break him after a rough day/period. We all latched on to this idea that sometimes it feels good to just let go, have a good cry and not worry about the larger stresses of life.


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What 'Cry' Means

James: The song is a big, happy release for me. It's about putting aside the crap from daily life and thinking less about where you're going. It's about just being. Hopefully, the song makes everyone pause and enjoy a 2:36- minute break from whatever's weighing them down.

Brett Hite: We typically write with a 30,000-foot view and tend to focus on a larger perspective, but this song was a nice reprieve from that. Focusing on the present really stretched our writing. I hope it allows someone to feel safe to express their emotions.

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FRENSHIP's Favorite Lyrics

James: "F*** the bigger picture." This is the crux of the song for me. It's about letting go of all the judgments you have on your life and enjoying the moment.

Brett: "F*** the bigger picture." It's counterintuitive and goes against what we're taught. Like James said, it allows you to be in the moment.

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