FRENSHIP, Elohim and Scavenger Hunt Release Our Fave New Tunes This Week

It's Friday! And while we sort through our closets figuring out what to wear tonight, we obviously need the perfect selection of songs to kick our getting ready process into high gear.

Luckily, there's some pretty stellar music that just came out today—and whether you're in the mood for something upbeat to dance to in front of the mirror, or something a little more relaxing to ease your mind after the long week, we've got ya covered.

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Keep scrolling for our fave new songs of the week!

1. "MI Amore" by FRENSHIP

It's been a long week, and FRENSHIP's "MI Amore" is the perfect uplifting tune to close out class and kick off the weekend. It's light, it's fun and we've had it on repeat all day long.


2. "Believer" by Cyn

Cyn has been a busy girl! Between freshly wrapping her tour with Sigrid and prepping to support Katy Perry during her Mexico stop for Witness: The Tour next month, she managed to whip up "Believer," a lively pop bop that we can't stop listening to.


3. "Half Love" by Elohim

Elohim released her debut self-titled album today, and we couldn't be more thrilled. The classically-trained pianist-turned-electro-pop singer's standout track from the LP is "Half Love," a highly relatable piece of work that addresses the stressful feelings of loving someone and wanting them to give you their all in return.


4. "Name" by Scavenger Hunt

You know how we feel about covers—they're very hit or miss—but this take on the Goo Goo Dolls' 2005 hit "Name" is a perfect example of a cover done right. We already love the blissful melody of the original, but Scavenger Hunt takes it even deeper with their super mellowed-out version.


5. "Lost in Time and Space" by Lord Huron

Speaking of mellow, Lord Huron's "Lost in Time and Space" is the perfect selection to settle our minds after the busy week. If you're a fan of their vibe, there's more where it came from, as the indie folk band just released their third album, Vide Noir.


Need the new tunes all in one place? We've got you covered with the Spotify playlist below:


If you're itching for more music after this selection's complete, check out THIS prom playlist that's suitable for any night getting ready to go out!