The Struggles of Having a Friend Who's Only Around When They're Single

Many friend groups have that one person who's a loyal and dependable friend one minute, but completely absent the second they get into a new relationship.

While you still care about them, it can be hard to conjure too much sympathy for someone who ditches you for a fling. And of course, they come crying back to you as soon as things go sour. Sound familiar? Then we think you'll relate to these 14 struggles.

1. While you're thrilled to see that your friend is happily in a new relationship, that joy has a limit. As soon as they pull their vanishing act, you start to realize this love isn't all it's cracked up to be.


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2. Your connection with them is all but severed from the moment they get serious with someone. They barely respond to texts, and are suddenly unavailable to do all the fun things you've counted on them to do in the past.

3. The fact that your friend can leave you all so easily and without remorse sometimes makes you question how important you truly are in their life. It can feel like you're only a part of their life when they're feeling lonely. Do they really care about you, or do they just need to occupy their time with company?

4. You might get annoyed at the person your friend is dating for stealing them away from the group, but you can't because dislike them because you barely even know them. You haven't had a chance to formulate an opinion about this person because your friend has disappeared from your life since being with them.

5. When your friend does commit to plans with you, you often find them backing out at the very last minute. And each and every time, you know exactly why.

6. As much as you'd like your friend to be around more and hang out with the group like in the old days, you've stopped inviting them out in the first place because you're sick of constantly being ditched for their significant other.


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7. The only time they show up is when they're feeling heartbroken. You're there for them because you consider them a friend, but it doesn't make them all that fun to be around, especially knowing they wouldn't necessarily do the same for you.

8. And when their special someone happens to go out of town, suddenly your friend is totally available, and desperate for attention.

9. Pretty much the only time you see them is at school, and all they're able to talk about is their relationship. Whether it's good things or bad things, they can't be bothered to explore other topics, and any effort on your part to change the subject goes unnoticed.


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10. The dynamic of your friend group gets completely messed up the second your friend gets into a new relationship. It's like a key component of how you work together is missing. They can't simply be replaced, and the whole group suffers for it.

11. While you've thought about confronting your friend about their careless behavior, it doesn't even feel worth doing because you know the relationship isn't going to last and it's a temporary situation.

12. Since they're barely around, and haven't been especially communicative with you anyway, you're not even sure if you could have a thoughtful or impactful conversation on the topic if you tried.

13. And when your friend inevitably goes through a painful breakup, they return to the group, and there's a bit of resentment there. Still, you wind up forgiving them after a couple of weeks every time, and then the whole situation feels like it never happened.

14. But then, a new relationship blossoms, and the dreaded cycle begins all over again.


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