These Friendly Robots Have Us Convinced a Robot Apocalypse Is Still Far Off

Science fiction has a love-hate relationship with robots and artificial intelligence.

For every friendly R2D2 or J.A.R.V.I.S., there's a Terminator lurking around the corner, yearning to destroy mankind.

But so far, the robots of reality seem to have a totally positive relationship with the people who've created them. These nine sweet robots will probably step in to save us from the evil Skynet if that day ever does come.


The lovable ASIMO was created by Honda. The first version was introduced to the world in 2000, specializing in interacting with people by recognizing movements, gestures and even voices and faces. It can also run around, jump and kick a ball. If you're ever at Disneyland, be sure to pay ASIMO a visit!



Pepper is a robot designed for the home to bring people together through social activities. Some of them are even customer service staff at cell phone stores in Japan. Plus, they know how to bust a move.



Marty is a robot that even kids can learn to program themselves at home, and its little walk will warm your heart.



Getting blood tests and shots at the doctor's office can be scary for kids (and some adults). MEDi makes patients more comfortable by talking to them through the procedure, even though it kind of lies about its own recent medical test.



Honeybot is a home robot created especially to help small kids learn good habits through coloring and flashcard activities. It may even be the cutest robot on this list.



Bert2 was developed primarily to be a super expressive robot. It appears to be working, because a recent study shows that people will lie to a robot with humanlike qualities so they won't hurt the robot's feelings.



Robonaut is a humanoid robot that basically does it all. It was programmed to help out with tasks on the International Space Station, and it's been there since 2012. And did we mention Robonaut is BFFs with Harry Styles?



Budgee is a friendly robot that follows you around and carries your stuff. So simple, but our minds are blown.


If these friendly robots are a bit too high-tech for you, maybe you'll be more comfortable with THESE gadgets for 3D printing at home.