Friends Do Premiere On Dog With A Blog!

The latest episode of Dog With A Blog, "Love, Loss and a Beanbag Toss," features a new song by G. Hannelius called "Friends Do"!Friends Do G Hannelius Dog With A Blog

Spoiler alert! In last week's episode of Dog With a Blog, Avery found that her boyfriend, Wes, was growing more and more distant, even refusing her invite to attend the carnival!

Avery discovered before the end of the episode that Wes and his family were moving away, and the two had to break up, putting an end to Wavery.

Avery is heartbroken, but her best friends Max and Lindsay manage to bring her out of her funk by taking her to the carnival instead!

The song "Friends Do" plays over the fun carnival scene, and is all about the importance of friendship!

The video below also includes a brief interview with G. Hannelius at Radio Disney, where she answered questions from fans!

Learn all about her food-themed pet names and her experience recording "Friends Do" in the video below! Also join us at for even more updates on G. Hannelius and Dog With A Blog.